Bodil666 x Hybrid!Mute!Reader

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The requester wasn't specific for the hybrid part, so for this, retend you're something with ears and a tail. For instance: a cat, dog, hamster, rabbit, etc.

Y/n pov

I ran down the street, shouts of angry people behind me. The hybrid hunters; vicious people who stopped at nothing, killing those who were different. Even if we were innocent. Which I was, I never did anything wrong. Just because I had (Animal) ears and a tail, I was considered dangerous. I ran faster, almost tripping over my feet. Turning a sharp corner, I stopped, seeing nothing but a dead end. The hunter skidded to a halt, laughed and slowly walking forwards. I turned around; backing up until my back hit a wall. "Nowhere to run, (Animal Name)." One hissed, pulling out a knife. I started to shake, pressing myself as far as I could against the wall. Fear thrummed threw me, blocking any other feeling. Just as they were almost on top of me, someone appeared behind them. "Attacking an innocent hybrid?" the hissed, a wicked knife in their grasp. The two men instantly spun around, gasping. "N-no..." One whispered. They backed up, clearly terrified of this person. They both dropped their weapons, as if neither would do any damage. The newcomer grinned, looking up. I gasped myself. The whites of his eyes were black, the pupil red, and no iris. His wide grin showed sharp teeth. Blood was splattered all over his clothes. The men were practically shaking, begging him too let them go. The man simply smiled, "You see, if an innocent hybrid said that, would you let them go?" Neither answered, shaking harder. He tilted his head to the side, "No. You wouldn't. Now why should I let you go? Neither of you are innocent. She-" He nodded to me, "Is." I could barely see what happened next. It happened so fast. Screams rose into the air, blood splattered, and two bodies hit the ground. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. The man stood between the two bodies, fresh blood coating his clothes, face, and knife. He smiled softly, walking up to me. My eyes widened, and I basically hugged the wall, shaking. He stopped, less than a foot away. "I won't hurt you." He said with a smile, "Come here." Stayed where I was; staring at him in complete terror. His smile dropped slightly, "I know, covered in blood, just killed two people, a guy like m doesn't seem very appealing to you...but trust me, I'm not going to hurt you." He tossed the knife a few feet away. Hesitantly, I inched closer. "Can you speak?" I shook my head slightly. He smiled again, "That's fine. Do you have a home?" I shook my head again. "You live on the streets?" I nodded. "Why don't you come with me? You'll have a warm home, a comfy bed, and food. So, what do you say?" Again, I hesitated, thinking about the dangers of this. If he was saying the truth, and he wouldn't hurt me, then...I'd be protected? I'd be safe? This didn't sound like a bad idea actually. So, taking a slight step closer I nodded. He smiled a little more, "Wonderful decision."

Another short and sweet one.
Requested by SubZeroGirl

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