Deadlox x Mirrorlox

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Tys pov 030

I laid on the bed, my headphones blasting music. Starring at the ceiling, I was oblivious to anything. That is...except for the flash of a figure. I sat up quickly, ripping them off. the stand up mirror in the corner, had a large crack in it. A black liquid oozed out. I cocked my head to the side, standing up. That is NOT normal. Slowly creeping up to it, I examined the ooz. It was like a goo, and it moved slowly down the glass. Starring into the shards, a figure stood behind me, the face distorted by the cracks. I spun around quickly. I screamed and jumped back, seeing...myself. 'His' hair was a darker color, shifted to the opposite side; his shirt was black with white trimming, his pants a dark grey; His headphones were cracked on both sides. And finally, his eyes were a bright green. It laughed at my terrified expression, "What's wrong!? Ever see your own reflection!?" His voice was deeper. I stumbled backwards again as he walked forwards. "Aw, are you scared?" He grinned widely. It was...inhuman. In flash, he was less then and inch away from my face. I screamed and slammed myself against the wall. "Boo." He whispered. The door suddenly slammed shut, the door locking on its own. He pinned me, holding my struggling body still. I opened my mouth to shriek. He quickly shoved his hand against my mouth. "Shhh, wouldn't want to alert anyone." His voice got...seductive. "Why don't we play a game?~" He removed his hand. Instantly, I opened my mouth to scream again. Before I could; he slammed his lips against mine, shoving his tongue in. A dark red hue spread across my face, my eyes widening. He explored, pressing his body close to mine. I didn't struggle, or fight. I just stood there, frozen, allowing him to do what he wanted. When he pulled away, a thin string of saliva connected our lips. He slipped his hand up my shirt, "Lets turn up the heat.~"


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