Male!Mangle (FNaF) x reader

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Why not have something different for once? I have none of these, so why not? Enjoy. (Based in the second game)

Y/n pov

I sat in the office, flashing the light at the animatronic fox. 'You're not supposed to be on!!' I wanted to scream, but held my tongue. I sighed shakily when he left, checking the vents and other things. Looking for them.
"Skanky Chica, check. Feminist Bonnie, check. Fat Freddy, check." I found it helped to give them ridiculous nick name type things. I checked them off one by one, "Faceless BonBon, check mate. Haha I win!" I laughed at my little joke, looking threw the cameras. My smile dropped as I realized I couldn't find the pink and white fox. Mangle. I practically threw down the tablet, shinning my light into the vents and hallway. Nothing. A wiring sound made me look up slowly. That...horrible creature hung from the ceiling. I froze, not making a sound. It grinned down at my, not moving. I dropped the light. At the sound of the noise, it screeched, swinging down with its jaws open wide. I screamed, falling to the floor. It swung to the next wall, hanging upside down and watching me. I backed up, not caring about the others anymore. I backed away slowly, watching it. The Mangles eyes followed me, watching my every move. It snarled swinging down again. I screamed once again, jumping to the side as it crashed to the ground, tangled in it's own wires. I jumped over the table, hiding underneath it. The scraping of metal started towards me. 
Then, the bells went off. Signaling that it was over. I held my breath, waiting for it to leave. Instead, everything went silent. Seconds passed, and nothing happened. I opened my eyes slightly, expecting Mangle to be gone. "BOO!" I screamed as someone popped there head in from over the table. Loud laughing came from them, disappearing. I grabbed my heart, eyes wide and panting heavily. "Haha! I got you!" I crawled out, jumping away from the desk, starring at a boy -I think-. He had white hair with pin tips, almost reaching his waist, it was pulled back, pulled over his shoulder. He had bright yellow eyes and rosy cheeks. "No way.." I muttered, starring at his white fox ears and tail -It was very fluffy with a pink tip-. He giggled, "What? You've seen me before!" " weren't human!!" He laughed, "Oh yeah, you always leave before I can say hi!" He scoffed, "How rude!" Then laughed. I starred at him, "How...are you...this?" I asked. He shrugged, "Magic? Whatever." He jumped off the table. "'re not like....g-gonna kill me? Are y-you?" He chuckled, "Maybe." He flashed his sharp teeth at me. I backed up again, scared. "Haha! I'm just kidding! I'd never hurt you! I never WANTED to hurt you!" He giggled, his tail wavering. " attacked me! Tried too..." Mangle giggled, "I wanted to scare you! I would never..." He moved closer. I was frozen in place. He stopped, inches away from me. Snaking his arms around my waist, he pulled me close, "...Hurt my mate."

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