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Slender!Sub x reader

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Ediiiiiit: Last one! Hopefully all of these will hold you guys off for a while. Also, I've noticed on a few of them, weird symbol things appeared at the end, maybe because all were made in Mircosoft word?

I don't know how this certain character acts. For this, I'm just making him like the original slender game. I guess. I don't own him, I'm pretty sure Aleatoraye does...correct me if I'm wrong.

Y/n pov

I walked calmly through the forest, examining my surroundings. The sun was setting, casting dark shadows along the ground. The trees were bare, a cold wing sweeping across the area, vacant of life. Some people would claim the scene was 'scary' or 'spooky'. I, however, thought it was calm. Though, the fact that not even birds could be heard singing made a chill run up my spine. I had to wonder, where was everything? Sleeping? Maybe. But all of them? I pushed the thoughts aside, continuing my little adventure. I've honestly been walking for around two hours, maybe more. I thought about turning around, going home. But...something unusual caught my eyes. A piece of paper nailed to a tree. Confused and curious, I walked up to it. Scribbled on it read, 'Would you like to play a game?' Along with a simple sketch of some trees and what looked like a person peeking out from behind one. I took the picture down, I don't know why, but I did. Surely this wasn't addressed to me or anything; maybe someone was bored and decided to prank a poor innocent soul who found this? I continued on through the woods, abandoning the idea of going home. Around two minutes of walking, I found another one. 'Find all eight notes!' Another drawing was below that, more trees and little square things on them, papers possibly. Eight notes? Something like a scavenger hunt? I smiled slightly, why not? I had time. My parents were away, so no one would freak out of I was gone for a while. So, with a new determination, I walked on. The next note I found was on top of a rock -I wondered why it hadn't blown away yet-, 'Good luck!' the drawing was a simple smiling face. The fourth read, 'Half way there! Need a little help?' It had a sketch of what looked like a map. A little dot with 'you' scribbled on showed where I was. To the south, there was a large rock, a square present on it. The other three were scattered around. One near what looked like a creek, another on a large tree, a clearing around it. The last wasn't there, now that I realized. It was simply...gone. So, clutching the papers, I started towards the rock. While I was, I couldn't shake off the feeling of being watched. When the boulder came into view, I sprinted to it. This time, the note was written in red, the text caused fear to settle in. 'You've made a grave mistake. Y/n. Don't turn around.' what was scribbled below looked like dozens of bodies, hanging from ropes, blood splattered the ground. I backed up slightly, starring at my name. It had to be a coincidence, it had to be! I backed up more, then, I spun around. An instant sound of static erupted around me, a figure flashed by. Screaming, I took off, running through the woods. The static faded away, stopping after a minute or two. I paused, pressing myself against a tree and gasping for air. I listened for the sound. A different one caught my attention: the distant gurgle of water. With a heavy heart, I walked towards it. I managed to find the stream without trying, completely on accident. I, of course, found the note. Snatching it up, I read the red letters. 'You can't end the game. The only way to win is to get all the note...don't get caught. Run. I'm watching you...' There was no picture. I didn't care, I was terrified. Who was watching me? Some insane psychopath? Maybe it was a friend playing a joke? But...what happened before...seemed so real. A twig snapping made me instantly snap out of my thoughts. I glanced at the map before taking off towards the tree. While I was running, I could see things at the edge of my vision, and the distant sound of static. Finally, the thing came into view. The tree was huge, long, wickedly curled branches. The tree was bare of any bark, the wood white from age. A single paper contrasted against the tree. Quickly, I grabbed it. It was slightly crumbled, red letters as before. 'One left...and you win. But where could it possibly be?' Lines were clawed into it. Three circles made off them. There was a hole cut in the middle. I hesitated, dread sinking in. How would I find it? Randomly stumbling onto it by chance. I began to tear up, slapping the paper on top of the others, on top of the map. The map. Of course! The lines were pointing at the space. The hole showed the exact spot. The center of the forest. Three small circles were drawn on the map, small ones, and a space in in the center. The static suddenly exploded around me, along with a screeching sound. It drowned out any other noise. It brought me to my knees. I covered my ears, screaming in pain. Even that was drowned out by the loud noise. With excessive force, I got to my feet, running blindly. The sound followed, along with pounding footsteps –it was shard to hear them...but they were there. After ten minutes of running, the screeching never stopping, I found it. Clear rocks were set in a circle, a single....white...page in the center; I instantly changed my course to it. The creature skidded to follow. I was so close, just as I reached to grab it, a long fleshy thing wrapped around my leg, yanking me back, and to the ground. I screamed again, feeling more and more wrap around my body, pulling me farther and farther away. I clawed my way to it, reached for it, just barely touched it, and was yanked farther back. Then, with m last bit of strength and will, I grabbed it. Everything seemed to stop. The static cut off, and the fleshy things slipped off. 'Congratulations.' It said in black, 'You won.' I closed my eyes, taking it in. I rested back on my knees, evening my breathing. I stumbled to my feet, turning around. Instantly, I gasped, dropping the pages. They all fluttered to the ground, landing aimlessly around. A boy stood there. He had brown hair and a green eye, the other missing. He wore a green shirt and grey pants. He had on a small smile, his hands folded behind his back. 'No,' I thought, 'This boy didn't do this'. It dawned on me suddenly. This boy wasn't normal. It didn't feel right. "W-who are you?" I finally uttered. He smiled a little more, shutting his eye. Suddenly, everything changed. Eight black tendrils un-furled from his back, his sweet smile turning into a wicked smirk, his eye opened again, insanity laced in it. A sudden wave of nausea and dizziness hit me. I stumbled back, and the ground rushed up to meet me. I blacked out, the last thing I seen was the boy, grinning and slowly walking towards me.

I woke up in a dark room. The moonlight casting in was the only light, faintly lighting the room. I sat up slowly, groggily looked around. I didn't know where I was, the realization suddenly hit me. Fear creeping in. A shape moving beside me made me gasp and turn towards it. Instantly, a hand clasped around my mouth, muffling my screams. "Hush..." A soft voice murmured. When I stopped, he removed his hand. I starred at the same boy as before in disbelief. Eight tendrils curled around him. "Are you alright...?" I stayed silent. The voice seemed to echo around, it definitely came from him, but...his mouth never moved. "W-what?" I whispered. He smiled slightly, in an almost laughing way. "Are you afraid?" I was. Horrified, terrified, etc. "I won't hurt you...at least, not now." "What do you mean by that!?" I shrieked, "And how are you even talking!? Who are you!?" He chuckled silently, "Full of questions? I can communicate by telepathic communication. My name's Sub. And don't worry about it." I mumbled something incoherent, "Why am I here!?" "You won the game." "I never agreed to this game!" Sub tilted his head to the side, smiling, "Yes you did...you picked up my note." I looked away, shuttering, "C-can I go home?" "No." "Why!? What kind of prize is this!? 'Congrats! You won the game! Now you're trapped with me forever!' " I glared at him again, already hating him with a passion. He simply smiled back, "That's not the prize. The prize is living. It simply comes with the cost of staying here. Would you rather me end your life?" I quickly shook my head, "N-no! I-I mean, thi-this is fiiiine..." Sub moved closer one of his weird black things wrapping around my wrist. Quickly, I jerked my hand away, not that it worked, more of it slithered farther up my arm. "St-stop that!" I barked, trying to pry it off. "You are scared." He mused with a smile. "I am not!" I protested, viciously biting it at this point. "That tickles." I bit harder, even kicking it. One wrapped around my leg, anther around my waist, the other arm, the other leg, and one loosely around my head. I struggled, and in a matter of seconds, I couldn't move. Sub sat on the bed, beside me, examining the state I was in. "P-ple-ease stop." I asked, flinching as the one around my head lowered to my neck. "Are you tired?" He suddenly asked. I glanced at him, "...What is wrong with you!? Let me go!" He smiled, "After everything that happened, you should be tired." How did he go from whatever he was doing to asking me if I was tired! Being sarcastic, I hissed, "Yes. I'm tired! Now let me go!" All of the tendrils retracted, except one around my waist. I attempted ripping it away; however, the exact same thing as before happened. I gave up, glaring at him again. He starred back. "Why are you staring at me? It's creepy!" I said quickly. "Why don't you sleep?" "You completely ignored my question!" I didn't get a reply. So, I turned away from him, lying on my side. Besides, I could go for a nice long nap right now. So, I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the fact that his eye bored into the back of my head. A few minutes passed, and I shuddered. A cold chill wafted across the room, and now that I thought about it. I was freezing! I chose to pretend to be asleep instead of reach for the blanket. A quiet sigh could be heard from Sub, and the bed dipped in slightly from him moving. Arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer until my back was pressed against his chest. "Wh-what are y-you doing?" I asked, blushing heavily. "You're cold.' He murmured bluntly, burying his face in the nape of my neck. I blushed harder, but didn't complain. He was warm after all. Making a daring move, I turned around, moving closer to him. I could feel him smile, "See? I'm not so bad." I grudgily rested my forehead on his shoulder, "Wh-whatever..."

Requested by Kawai_Marshmallow
I completely forgot the Neko part, but whatever. I don't care anymore.

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