Perv!Enderlox x Neko!reader

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Y/n pov

I sat in my room. My, uh, 'friend', sat next to me. He was a hybrid, like me. He was a dragon hybrid, and enderdragon at that. With huge black a purple wings and a matching tail. His name was Enderlox, a very fitting name. And a was a cat. A fluffy, furry, cuddly cat. He loved that, of course. I was currently reading a book, whilst he was just sitting there, glancing at me every once and a while. Suddenly, very softly, I could feel a slight presser on my tail. I ignored it, instead continuing to read. The slight presser turned into a petting motion. "Stop it." I said, flicking it out of Enderlox's grasp. He wined slightly, but did, full on staring at me this time. I continued to ignore him, though I couldn't ignore being able to see the wicked smirk forming on his lips. The book was snatched from my hands, I hissed in surprise, trying to grab it. "G-give it back!" I yelled. He easily held it out of my reach, at this point, I was on his lap, trying to grab it. Finally, he actually gave it back. I glared at him trying to get off his lap. Enderlox, however, had other plans. Instead, he wrapped both of his arm around my waist, holding me against his chest. I slapped him slightly, trying to wiggle away. It didn't work, of course. He wrapped his tail around my leg, rather tightly actually. Holding me with one arm this time, he used the other to stroke my ear. I stiffened slightly, trying not to purr. I failed, of course. The hybrid chuckled, repeating the action. "Hey Y/n?" He finally said. "Wh-what?" I hissed, biting his shoulder. It didn't faze him, and he continued, "Wanna hear a secret?" I hesitated, "No." He ignored me, instead leaning in and whispering, "If I were a cat i'd spend all nine lives with you." "...." "Too cheesy?" "Yeah." I struggled again, still on his lap. And then....he purred. He. Purred. "Oh my god..." I muttered, stopping. "Wanna  here another secret?" I didn't say anything. "You know how animals have mating season? Looks like hybrids have them too, so how about w-" I slapped him, grabbed my book, and left.

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