Skybrine x Vampire!reader

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(y/n) pov

I didn't like to kill poeple. I don't like being a vampire. Red eyes, fangs. I let out a sigh and dropped the corpse on the ground. "I'm sorry." I always apologized, its weird i know, but i feel bad. I did just suck their blood and all. I heard a twig snap. I hissed and whipped around. "Whoa! calm down Vamp!" A boy walked out of the shadows he had brown hair, a blue shirt and darker blue pants. He had glowing golden eyes. "Who are you?" I growled. "Skybrine. You?" "(y/n)" He stepped closer. I hissed showing my fangs. He stepped back. "Calm down I'm not gonna do anything to you." 'can i trust him?' I relaxed a little bit, "You try anything i'll snap your neck." I would probably just run. "OK. OK." I looked back at the pale corpse behind me. "Sooo, your a vampire?" "yep." There was an awkward silence between us. He decided to break it, "Um, do you wanna go some where else? You know. Without a dead body." I nodded, "yah lets do that." We walked away from the little clearing. "Do you have a home?" He asked me. "I live at an abandoned haft burnt house." I reapplied. "You wanna come over to my house then?" 'well he's nice.' I smiled, "sure." He nodded, "I hope you don't mind I have room mates." "it's fine." He frowned, "Just try and ignore them." i nodded. The rest off the walk was in silence. I started to hear mobs spawn. I shivered at the memory of being shot with an arrow. I walked closer to Sky. He smiled, "Its okay, your with me. They wont dare come near me." I nodded but still stayed close to him. "Its not much." He said and my jaw dropped. "YOU LIVE IN A MANSION?!" It was HUGE. "Eh." was all he said. When we got inside we walked to the living room. CRASH, Sky sighed, "GIVE THEM BACK." I heard a voice say, "NEVEERRRR!" another said. Suddenly a wither hybrid flew down the stairs, a pair if black and purple head phones were around his neck. An ender dragon hybrid chased him. "GIVE ME MY HEAD PHONES!" The ender screeched. "WITHERMU!" 'Withermu' laughed and flew into the kitchen. The dragon roared and flew after him. "oh my god." Sky sighed. "WITHERMU GIVE HIM HIS HEAD PHONES!" he yelled. "Excuse me a minute." He walked into the kitchen. "GIVE MEEE THEEEEMMM!" "NOOOOOOO!" I sat on the couch and watched the door way. "WITHERMU, ENDERLOX, SIT. "WERE NOT DOGS!" They said at the same time. There was a flash of golden light. "OK WERE SITTING!" Enderlox said. "Give him the head phones." "fine." Mu mumbled. "Thank you." "now we have a guest." I heard Sky say. "Can i eat her?" My eyes widened. "No Enderlox, you can not eat her." "aw." They all walked out. Enderlox sat beside me, "Hi there I'm Enderlox." he smirked, 'is he flirting with me?' "uh, hi?" It was more of a question. "what's your name cutie?" Didn't this guy just wan't to eat me? "(y-y/n)?" He giggled at my stutter, "cute." I glanced at Sky, he looked ready to EXPLODE! Withermu sat on the other side of me, "So, judging by your eyes and fangs, im gonna guess your a vampire?" At least he's starting a normal conversation. "Yes i am." He nodded, "cool." I looked away from him. "Your a vampire?" Enderlox asked. "yah." He smirked, "Hot." I blushed a little and looked away, avoiding eye contact. "Okay! (y/n) come on, were going to my room." I intently got up and followed. I heard Enderlox growl. followed Sky up to his room. He opened his door. His room was very clean. "I'm glad to be out of that." I muttered. "Yah." He agreed. "(y/n)?" I looked at him, "I, uh. Let me just show you instead." I was about to ask but he slammed his lips into mine. "HMM?!" He pulled away, "I-I'm sorry." I smiled, "Don't be." I pulled on his shirt and kissed him, He widened his eyes and kissed back. I pulled back, "Did you mean that?" He asked, "yes i meant it." I hugged him. "I love you, Sky." "I love you to." He hugged back. "hey (Y/n)?" "yes?" He paused, "Do you have anything at your house?" "No. Why?" He smiled and kissed my cheek, "Because your staying here." I smiled and tackled him in a hug. "THANK YOU SO MUCH." He giggled, "Your welcome."

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