CestLox -SMUT-

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This smut is between Deadlox and Enderlox......

Ty's pov

I looked around the dark woods (I luv the dark woods :3 Perfect place to be raped). I held up my sword, "They need food." I kept telling myself. I was hunting for the food, due to the recent...attacks, the kingdom was low on food and I was voted to go out and die - I mean get food. The attacks were made from MY worst fear, Enderlox. I always felt like I was being watched by him. It was unsettling. A branch broke behind me, causing me to whip around and hold my sword out. I turned around and slammed into someone. I yelped and fell down, dropping my sword. I looked up and gasped. Enderlox smirked down at me, "What a pleasant surprise to see you, Deadlox." He hissed. I reached to grab my sword, but he kicked it away before I could get to it. He snickered, "Ah ah ah!" He wrapped his tail around my waist. I tried to pry it off of me, he laughed and spread his wings. I screamed as he took of into the air, now clinging to his tail for dear life. He chuckled and took off threw the sky. Soon, a cave on the side off a mountain came into view. He landed and held me off of the ground. I struggled and kicked at him, "Put me down!" He grinned and threw me across the room. I yelped as I landed on a bed, wait. What? I tried to scramble up, but Enderlox wrapped his tail around me and held me down. He grinned and climbed on top off me, "Not getting away this time, Ty.~" He licked his lips, his tongue was black and like a snakes. My eyes widened, "W-what are you going t-to do to m-me?" He smirked and whispered in my ear, "I'm going to give you the best time off your life.~" I blushed as red as a tomato (I am too 0-0). "W-what?!" I squeaked. He chuckled and licked the shell of my ear, making me shudder, "You heard me, Ty.~ I'm going to make sure you can't walk in the morning.~" I tried to push him off of me, "Nononono! No way! Let me go!" He laughed darkly, "Sorry, that isn't happening anytime soon." He gently licked my neck. He searched all over my neck for my sweet spot. I moaned when he found it. He smirked and licked it. I gasped and tried to push him off again. He growled and grabbed both of my wrist and pinned them above my head with one hand. He bit down hard, drawing blood. I shuddered as he lapped it up greedily. He sucked on that same spot. I moaned a little, I winced a little at the sound I made. Once he made sure a visible mark was there, he stopped, "There~ Now everyone will know who you belong to.~" He grinned and grabbed my shirt. He ripped it into shreds...literally. He pulled his own shirt off, throwing it -and my shredded shirt- off of the bed. I gawked at his chest, he had a six pack! "Like what you see?~" Enderlox said with a grin. I blushed and quickly looked down. He took his chance and yanked off my pants and his. He pulled his boxers off, "Suck." I starred at his member for a moment. He was huge, I didn't think I could fit that in my mouth. I slowly leaned down, it's not like I had a choice anyways. I hesitantly took the tip in my mouth. Enderlox groaned and wrapped his claws in my hair, pushing down and making me take more into my mouth. I licked the precum that bubbled out of it. I gagged a bit and managed to reach the hilt. Enderlox moaned as the tip his the back of my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut and forced myself to deep throat him. I ran my tongue under the bottom of it. I bobbed my head up and down at a slow pace. Enderlox bucked his hips and surprisingly, I didn't gag. Enderlox ran his claws threw my hair and lightly tugged on it, making me moan slightly. "Ah~ Go f-faster.~" He piratically begged. I obeyed him and bobbed faster, making Enderlox groan in pleasure. The sounds that came out of his mouth turned me on and made me hard. His cock twitched, I licked and sucked it harder. He thrusted hard into my mouth and grabbed (Claws are gone by the way!) my hair harshly. He moaned loudly and came hard, cum shot down my throat. I choked a little, but managed to swallow it all. I pulled off of him, I coughed a little and looked up at him. He smirked, "You did good~ You barely gagged, I surprised.~" I blushed a dark red and looked down. He pulled me onto his lap and whispered seductively, "Ready for the real fun to began?~" My eyes widened, I tensed and I whimpered a little. "I'll try not to hurt you." He said with a soothing tone. I hesitantly relaxed and I asked in a whisper, "P-promise?" He smiled, "I promise, Ty. Are you ready?" I slowly nodded. He grinned and stuck three fingers in my mouth. I laced my tongue around them and lightly sucked on them. Once he thought they were wet enough, he pulled them out. He turned my around, getting rid of my boxers, and made me lay down with my ass in the air. I clenched my teeth together as he pushed the first one in. He pushed the second along side it. I whimpered again and a tear slid down my face, he quickly wiped it away. He made a scissoring motion, stretching my walls. He added his last finger and curled them. A small spark of pleasure made me moan quietly. Enderlox smirked and thrusted his fingers in and out of me, making me moan louder. He pulled them out and I wined at the loss. He grabbed my hips and positioned himself behind me. "Ready?" I nodded, unsure of myself. He pushed the tip in slowly, trying not to hurt me. I yelped quietly. He pushed a little more half way in and I cried out for him too top. He did and talked in the same soothing voice from before, "Tell me when to move, Okay Ty?" I nodded and let out a shaky breath, trying to forget the pain. After a long antagonizing moment I whispered, "..G-go." Enderlox slowly pulled out, leaving the tip in, and moved back in. I wined in pain and bit the inside of my cheek, it hurt, a lot. He moved deeper. Enderlox bit his lip and dug his nails in my hips, trying to ground himself. A small spark of pleasure made me moan almost silently. He smirked and thrusted faster. "F-faster p-please-se.~" I begged. Enderlox grinned and thrusted faster then he did before. I moaned loudly in pleasure and kept my eyes closed. Enderlox pulled all the way out, leaving the tip in, and thrusted hard into me, making me shout in pleasure. "Mm~ So tight!~" He said, licking his lips, causing me to blush. I screamed as he hit a certain bundle of nerves that made pleasure flow threw me. He smirked and re angled his hips to hit that spot every time. My tongue rolled out of my mouth and I pushed by on him. He thrusted deeper and harder into me. Enderlox leaned over my back and sucked harshly on my neck, soon, my neck was covered in bruises. He growled possessively and let his animal instincts take over. He reached under me and grabbed my hard member. He grinned and rubbed his hand up and down, the precum acting as lube. I moaned and thrusted into his hand. He chuckled and matched his pace with his thrust. "E-Ender- Ahh~ l-lox~ I'm c-close!~" I managed to say between moans. He thrusted deeper, "I am too.~" He hit my prostate hard, I screamed and came, some hitting my stomach. Enderlox snarled loudly and came, his cum filling me up. He pulled out of my shaky body, some of his cum dripping out. He laid beside me, he wrapped his wings around me and held me close to his chest. I wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes. He smiled and ran his fingers threw my hair again. "I-I love you, E-Enderl-lox." I whispered. "I love you too, Ty." I smiled and fell asleep against his warm body.

Half of this dealited....TWICE!

ANYWAYS! Two of my friends asked if I could write a smut between them...so...yeah, MORE SMUT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!FOR NOW...I'm going to bed!

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