Insanelox x reader

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Y/n pov

I was running threw the woods, someone chasing me. I tripped, and with a shriek, I slammed to the ground. He laughed loudly and quickly pinned me down, flipping me over. I struggled. "Don't bother."He hissed. "L-let me g-go!" I screamed. he giggled insanely, his red eyes gleaming with blood-lust. His brown hair covered one eye; he wore a white blood splattered V neck, black trimming; and grey pants, also blood splattered. "Pl-please!" I begged, tearing up. His laughed and pulled out a sharp knife. He had a huge grin as he pressed the blade against my neck. Tears fell from my eyes, fear coursing threw me. "I could end it all now with one cut." He murmured in a sickly sweet tone. "N-no! pl-please don-on't!" I begged. He giggled and stroked my cheek, "Shhh, hush now. I could let you live.." I stayed silent as he pressed it harder, "But, you have to stay with me, forever." He smirked and cocked his head to the side, "What will it be?" I instantly burst into tears, my body shaking badly. I didn't want either! "Well?" He grinned. "Y-you." I whispered, "I-I'll st-stay with y-you." He giggled insanely, "Good choice." He removed the knife. He got up, then grabbed me before I could move, holding me bridal style against his chest. I didn't dare struggle. Still shaking and crying, I held my hands to my chest, looking for anyway to escape. He rolled his eyes, "Don't even think about it." His grip tightened, I whimpered and simply looked down. A sudden loud noise of thunder made me yelp and unintentionally moving closer to his chest. He chuckled at my fearful state. I tried moving off him, but he held me there. I blushed darkly. I never liked thunder. An even loud boom made me move even closer, whimpering slightly. He giggled again, "Scared of a little noise?" I hid my face his chest slightly, I was truly terrified. started to rain. Hard. With a sigh, he ran the rest of the way. It seemed like hours, but was most likely just twenty minutes. A house then came into view. Slamming open the door, he walked in, locking it behind him. He sat me on the couch, "Stay here." Then, he left into some room. I sat uncomfortable on the couch, shivering, I was freezing! He came back holding a large shirt and sweatpants, a blanket along with it-He also had dry cloths on-. Handing them to me, he said, "Take everything off and put these on." I hesitantly took them, "H-here?" He nodded. "C...could you..l-leave?" He shook his head with a smirk. I didn't move. He sighed and turned around. "Best you're gonna get!"  I sighed quietly and hesitantly to undressed, quickly getting dressed. He turned back around. I sat back down, still shaking. Both from fear and the cold. He sat beside me, wrapping the blanket around my body. I snuggled into it. Even though I had it, I was still freezing. With a small sigh, he pulled me his chest, holding me close. Blushing once again, i slightly leaned into the warmth. He smiled, "What's your name? Mine's Ty" "Y-Y/n." I said quietly, "...w-why ar-re you..." I trailed off. He giggled again, "I never said I would be mean."

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