Bodil666 x neko!reader

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You sighed and walked to the Forrest wearing my (f/c) hoody hiding my (s/f/c) ears and tail. People hated me because of this. I took of the hoody and tail. Suddenly i felt a hand cover my mouth and a knife at my throat. "Whats a kitty like you doing in the woods?" A man asked removing his hand, "I-i-i was just taking a walk." He laughed at my stutter, "don't you know its dangerous out here?" He asked. "I, uh-" i had nothing, my ear twitched and i tried desperately to keep my tail still, but failed. He giggled at this and let me go, i let out a sigh of relief. "Whats your name kitty?" He asked, i growled at 'kitty' "(y/n), and yours?" "Bodil." I gasped now i realized he had glowing pupils and was covered in blood. Bodil666 was always on the news a new death every few days. "I see you heard of me." He smirked. "What do you whant?" I asked backing up. He giggled and stepped forward, "oh you know, you~" i gasped when my back hit a tree. He was now in front of me, blocking my escape. "You come here allot, kitty." My ear twitched, i really hate that nick name. I eyed the knife still in his hands, he smiled and put it in his pocket, "i won't hurt you." He said still grinning. "Some how i don't believe that." You mumbled, he stepped closer. "If i wanted to hurt you would i do this?" He then had you pinned to the tree kissing you. It took a minute but you kissed back. He broke the kiss and rubbed behind your ear. You tensed but leaned into his hand and purred. He stopped and you let out a sad mewl. He giggled, "see you around kitty." And with that he left you there dazed.

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