MirrorSky x reader PT 2 -Lemon-

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I'm writing this in the middle of day, whilst people are in this current household, so, yeah, it's rushed, like, really rushed.
Read part one to understand what's happening.

Y/n pov

I took a step back, my eyes widening, stuttering out a, "S-Sky?" He didn't answer, his empty eye sockets seemingly starring at me. There was no emotion on his face, simply...nothing. This entire thing was a new level of terrifying. I just stared back. Then, he finally spoke, his town of voice sending chills up my spine, "Do you think...you can really get away with teasing me like this..?" He had strange hiss to his voice. "I-I didn't plan this!" I protested, taking a step away from him again. He just laughed slightly, taking slow steps towards me. I continued to back up, only stopping when my bare back hit the wall. Suddenly, he was in front of me, apparently appearing out of thin air. I practically shrieked, trying to dash away. Sky, however, was faster. He grabbed my shoulder, roughly pinning me against the wall. He grabbed both of my hands, easily holding them above my head. Of course, the bra fell uselessly to the ground. My face darkened in a terrible blush, and I found I couldn't move. I don't know whether it was from fear, or Sky was doing it. Hell, he probably was. He leaned in close, his cold lips brushing against my neck, making me shudder. "Doesn't matter." He whispered, dragging his tongue across my skin. I tried sounding tough or whatever, however, my voice came out shaky and quiet instead, "S-stop." He chuckled darkly, repeating the action, doing it longer this time, "Nah, I'm not passing the opportunity." He let goo of my hands, only to grab both of them with one of his afterwards, re-pinning them. With his now free hand, he pressed it against my side. His skin felt just like glass, cold and rough. It was cracked, I could feel the spiderweb like indents as he slid it slowly upwards. His lips pressed against my neck, and he bit down, softly. I bit my lip, turning away from him, unintentionally giving him more room. Sky grinned, not letting that go to waste. He bit down again, slightly harder. I gasped this time, managing to suppress a moan. He didn't like that. Not at all. In one quick motion, he roughly grabbed my breast and bit down hard enough to draw blood. "A-AH! H-hey!" I yelped, struggling slightly. Sky laughed quietly, softening his grip, letting go of my hands and grabbing the other one. I couldn't move my arms, he definitely caused that. My thoughts were shattered when he bit a certain spot that made me gasp out and moan. He attacked that spot, sucking, licking, and biting. I tried my best not to moan, failing in the end. When he decided it was enough, he pulled away, admiring his work. I distantly thought on how I'd have to wear a scarf going anywhere for a while. That wasn't my worst problem at the moment, I snapped back to reality when he yanked down my pants. "Sky!" I snapped, "Qu-" He just grinned, pressing his lips against mine, silencing what I was saying. His lips were surprisingly soft, still cold, but soft. My lips parted in surprise, Not expecting that. Sky slipped his tongue in. The wet appendage explored freely, brushing against mine. I finally realized there was no way I could get out of this...so, why not enjoy it? I relaxed slightly, moaning softly. My arms dropped, the invisible force disappearing. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He grinned, pulling away just enough to speak, "Giving in?" I looked into where his eyes would be, mumbling, "Hurt me in any way and I'll take a hammer to your face." He laughed, "I'll be careful." "P-promise?" "Promise." I looked away slightly, blushing brightly, "I...alright." He grinned widely, "I may be a bit rough." "Y-you said you wouldn't hurt me!" He laughed again, "I wont." "B-but-" Sky kissed me again, silencing my protest. I kissed back this time, deciding to not question what that meant. After all, I trusted him. He licked my bottom lip, being gentle this time. I gave him access, letting him do as he pleased. Whilst he did this, his hands slipped downwards, grabbing onto the hem of my pants. He swiftly pulled them down with a smirk, pulling back to let me breath. "Th-this seems hardly fair..." I murmured, kicking them away. "Hmm?" "Why am I-I the only one almost completely naked?" Sky snickered, "Completely." Before I could even think about what that meant, he ripped away the last article of clothing as easy as paper. "Hey!" I yelped, "Th-those were expensive!" He replied with, "I'll get you new ones." I grumbled about how i liked them, leaning against the wall. He look of delight crossed his face as he examined me in all my glory. "St-stop staring..." "Can't stare, no eyes, remember." "You're still incredibly creepy!" He cackled lowly, "The better to scare you with, my deary." He stepped back slightly, taking his shirt off. Despite being made of an inanimate object, he looked incredibly sexy. And I found was staring. "Like what you see? There's more where that came from." He teased. "Well hurry up than!" He laughed once again. (Running out of words.) He took his pants off, agonizingly slowly. I wanted to snap at him, but that's exactly what he wanted, so I didn't. When they were finally off, after what seemed like hours. In reality it was probably not even a minute. "Would you like to do the honers?" I blushed again at his words, and shook my head hesitantly. He chuckled, re-pinning me, "What?" His voice was laced with lust, "Suddenly shy?" I didn't answer. "That's fine-" He placed a hand on my stomach, slowly sliding it down, "Just let me take care of you." I bushed once again when he reached....that spot. He rubbed it softly, before slightly dipping a finger passed the folds. I instinctively grabbed onto his shoulders, sucking in a breath when he pushed it all the way in. The feeling was unnatural, I wasn't used to it, nor was I ready for that. As expected, his fingers were cold. It created a strange tingling sensation. He giggled, "Someone's exited." I glared at him slightly, "Sh-shut up!"

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