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Y/n pov

It was pouring and I was taking a walk in the woods. I liked the rain..it hid the tears. The reason i'm crying, well, I'm bullied for being a neko, I have cat ears and a fluffy tail. But what just happened I could never forget..

=Flash back!=

I closed my locker and locked it. "Hey, Y/n!" I turned around to be met with my crust, C/n. I smiled and freaked out on the inside, he never talks to me!! "H-hi C/n." He smiled, "Hey you wanna go out?" I smiled, "Sh-sure!" "Wait a minute, you have these!" He tugged on my ear, "You know what I just remembered, I don't date freaks!" He said with a smirk. My smile dropped and I let my books slip out of my arms. Suddenly all the people in the hallway turned and started to laugh at me. Tears streamed down my face as I took of down the hallway, out the door, and into the woods.  

=Back to now!= 

I cried harder, "H-how can someone b-be so mean?" I said between sobs. "I don't know, people are just horrible." I turned around and a wither hybrid stood there with an umbrella, I didn't know anyone was out here. He walked up to me and held it over me, "What are you doing out here in the rain?" I took a shaky breath and tried to stop crying, "S-someone I like, liked, asked me out then said th-that he didn't date f-f-freaks!" I said sobbing into my hands. He pulled me into a hug, "Hey hey, don't cry, it'll all be alright." He soothed. "H-how will it be alright is i'm bullied everyday for being a stupid hybrid!?" He looked hurt, "Hybrids arn't stupid." I realized what I said, "N-no not you! Your'ar not stupid, I didn't mean it like that! I-I just don't like being a neko." I explained. He smiled a bit, "What's not to like? I mean, beside being bullied, being a hybrids amazing!" I frowned, "How?" His smile grew, "Well your a cat hybrid! You have amazing hearing, you'ar a good hunter, you'ar really good at climbing trees!" I smiled a little, "I never looked at it that way." "I'm Withermu by the way," He held out his hand, "Nice to meet you!" I smiled and shook his hand, "I'm Y/n, nice to meet you to!" "And you want to know what's great about being a wither hybrid?" He asked. I nodded. "Well for one thing, we can do this!" He shape shifted into a wither the middle head was his normal head and the other two were  helmets. "And two, let me show you," He floated/flew beside me, "Climb on, I promise you'll be safe." I hesitantly climbed on his, back? Neck? Shoulders? When I was on he flew into the air and in the clouds. He went past the rain clouds and I gasped at the beautiful sight. The stars, I could see every one of them, I could even see the milky way! "Beautiful isn't it." He asked. "Y-yah." I said, amazed. "Do you still think hybrids are stupid?" He asked, still smiling. "N-no! Not at all!"  

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