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Guess what. This is a tag thing. (Whaaaaat reaaallly!?)
Mkay, I was tagged by  Kawai_Marshmallow

=Le Rules=

1. Tag thirteen people to do this.
2. You must answer every question. And make up 13 questions or the next tagged people.
3. No excuses! Just say 'I don't want to'
4. If you do not finish this tag in a week you have to do the following: Dress up as a Neko (Not outside) and dance to your least favorite song for a day.
5. Tag backs are confirmed possible.
6. Make a creative title!
7. You must put this in a book, NOT IN THE COMMENTS!
(Not a rule but I'd like to see it :3)

=Le Questions=

1. What do you like better: Neko or Puppy? (Inu btw :3)
Pfft, Neko ftw.

2. What is your favorite hobby?
Drawing of course! 

3. Who is your favorite Youtuber?
Hmm, hard question. Tis a tie between Jinbop and Deadlox. Jinlox? Jinlox.

4. How would you rate your grade level in school?
Pffft, whaaaat? Yeah, no idea! 70-80? Lets go with that,

5. What is the song you listen to 24/7.
I can't name one, hm, American Trash! (LISTENING TO IT NOW XD)

6. Would you rather eat lasagna or spaghetti?

7. What does your OC look like?
To sum it all up:  Hot~ Gay emo guy. Aka Jay XD

8. Do you  have a youtube channal?
Yes, but I only use it to create playlists of my favorite songs, and keep track of everyone I watch.

9. Is there a certain fanfiction you like?
Yes. Insanity based/forced love. Lel I'm weird

10. Who do you hate the most out of all the people you hate?

11. Are you noisy or quiet?
With friends: Banshee in a heavy metal band. ANYwhere/thing else: I don't exist.

12. Do you have a secret place you like to get away to?

13. Who is your dream youtuber boyfriend?

=Le Tags=

Okay, I don't know thirteen people....so...yeah, take these few people.





=Le questions that I'm asking= (NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING HERE SO BARE WITH MEH!)

1. Who do you love most? No family members.

2. What is your favorite game?

3. Fav Insane Youtuber?

4. Which song to you always listen too? (Sorry had to do it)

5. What stereotype do you fall in?

6. Are you a Social Butterfly or a Wallflower?

7. Do you have a pet? (Besides a dog, cat or fish!)

8. Who is your most prized OC?

9. A boy/girl sits beside you, starting a casual conversation. You do not know this boy/girl. What do you do?

10. Personality?

11. Fight or flight?

12. What were you doing right before doing this tag thing?

13. What am I too you?

Enjoy...I guess. Welp, bye!

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