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Ah, I love interesting ones like this!

Y/n pov

I walked threw the empty streets. Fog drifted threw the cobbled roads, giving it a scary look. It was dark, and I had to get home fast. Especially with all the....murders. It was always a girl, a prostitute. Wit their necks slit and organs removed. A quiet set of footsteps shattered my thoughts. I stopped. They echoed threw the streets, sounding from behind me. Terrified, I slowly turned around, almost screaming. A man stood a few feet away. His dark eyes starred into mine. He would have looked like any normal person, except for the fact that he was dragging a body. A blond headed girl that wore skin showing clothes. Her neck was slit. I stepped back, my eyes widening. I was face to face with a murderer. The body dropped to the ground, snapping me back to reality. I tried acting brave, "Wh-who are you!?" I demanded, shaking. He chuckled, and I flinched. The man took a few, slow steps forward. I staid where I was, staring him down. He stopped less then a foot away, and just watched me. The man had black hair and almost red eyes. He smirked, tilting his his head, "Why aren't you running? ...Aren't I scary?" I did my best to glare at him, "No, you're n-not." "You're stuttering." He pointed out, chuckling lowly, "Scared people stutter." I didn't say anything, not moving. "You;re shaking as well, haha, you look like a cornered animal." He walked slowly around me, ding small things like touch my side, or hair. Almost in a taunting way. I didn't move at all, tensing up every now and then. The man stopped in front of me, mumbling quietly, "You're so beautiful....unlike those disgusting creatures." He glanced back at the corpse, then back at me. he smiled, it was an unwelcoming one, one that sent shivers down my back, "What's your name?" "Y-Y/n." I quickly whispered, the act slowly melting away. Suddenly, sirens could be heard in the distance, making the man laugh. "I suppose our little chat ends here." He turned to leave, but glanced back at me, "But don't worry....we'll speak against soon." And with that, he disappeared into the pitch black night.

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