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Bodil666 x Isolated!Bullied!reader

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Y/n pov

I was roughly shoved against the ground. "Oh, look what the cat dragged in." Alex (If dats your name then just ignore it) said with a sneer. "A hideous creature." Zoey (Same thing) said, walking beside him. "It still looks alive! Might as well finish it off." Flicking his wrist, a knife blade appeared in his hand. My eyes widened. We were all out deep into the woods, they must have followed me. I crawled backwards, facing them. "Y-You c-can't.." Alex laughed, "Oh we can!" He had been bullying me for years, since second grade. It started with stealing a pencil or something, then, as we got older, he called me names, then told me to cut or kill myself, and since last year, he got violent. "We're doing you a favor. No one will miss you, no one cares. You should thank us!" He continued. Zoey giggled, "I'll be at the house, babe. Don't be to long." She turned around and walked away. Alex had a sick grin on his face. "I'll make sure it hurts, but it'l-" He was cut off by a loud scream. He froze. Sounds of someone running got louder and louder. He turned around and raised his knife, prepared to slash at whatever it was. Zoey burst into the clearing. She was covered in blood, "W-we need to l-leave!" She yelled. "What happened?!" Alex demanded. She opened her mouth to answer...but as she did, a hand shoved itself all the way threw her stomach....holding her still beating heart. Alex starred at her. The hand ripped out, the heart along with it. Her body buckled and slammed to the ground. A man stood behind her. He wore a black suit, her blood on it. His red orange and yellow tie was untucked, and had blood spots on it. He had black hair that was slightly fluffed up. He would look like a normal person -Minus the blood- if it weren't for the...red demonic eyes. With a wide grin, he took a bite out of the heart he was holding. "Delicious." He hissed, voice laced with a thick accent. Alex dropped the knife and stumbled backwards, almost tripping over me. He turned around to run, but...slammed into him. He teleported! I couldn't move as the man grabbed his jaw and hair. With the sick sound of flesh ripping, he tore off his bottom jaw. Alex screamed and tried getting away, however he was shoved against tree. The...creature...grabbed his arm, and snapped the bone. His screams grew louder. He then....ripped his stomach open. I don't even know how he was still alive. Then...he ripped his head off, now he's dead. He giggled insanely, letting the gored body drop. His red eyes shifted to look at me. That's when I snapped back to reality and screamed. He turned to face me, and brought a finger to his lips, "Shhhh."He grinned, and disappeared. I was left starring at the horrific scene. I got up, looked at the bloody corpses and ran. I ran all the way home. I slammed the door shut, locking it, I locked every door, window, anything that could be used to get in. I ran my hands threw my hair, my heart beating fast. "Wh...what just happened?" I whispered to myself. This can't be real. Something tells me I wont be at school tomorrow....
It wouldn't matter though. No one would really notice. I'm that one person who never talks, always in the back, always alone. I never really liked being around people. I hugged my knees, shaking from what just happened. I replayed the events in my head. That...thing...was NOT human. His red eyes were imprinted in my mind. I thought about contacting the police...but quickly decide not to. I covered my face with a pillow and screamed into it. I sat in the dark room for what seemed like hours, before I finally got up to just..go to bed. I shut my door, locking it, even pushing a chair against it. I locked the window, making sure I was completely locked in my room. I laid down, and closed my eyes. It took hours to fall asleep. Around four AM I feel asleep. I wish I didn't....

-Le dream-

I was running, but I don't know why. "Come her, Y/n." I voice sang, seemingly from everywhere. I ran faster. Pain shot up my leg. I screamed and stumbled, slamming to the ground. I glanced at my leg, seeing skin ripped off. Blood bubbling out. I managed to get back up. I was increasingly getting slower, limp. I tried running, falling back down at one point. I screamed again as someone stomped on my back, forcing me back to the ground. The presser kept getting worse, until a loud crack sounded threw where ever I was. They lifted their foot. I turned over, bad decision. He slammed his foot back down, breaking multiple bones. I screamed louder. The face seemed to be blurred out, but the eyes were perfectly clear, glowing blood red, the pupils slitted. I could tell one of my lungs were cut open, maybe by a broken rib? He repeatedly stopped down, then stopped, and stepped back. I coughed up blood. The blood slowly spilled into my lungs, drowning me. I coughed and choked. My vision got darker and darker. Until...everything went black.

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