Insane Jerome x reader x Bodil666

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I was told to smash the fourth wall. So *Scar voice* BEEE PREPAAAAAARED!

Y/n pov

I walked threw the woods. writing this messed up crap! Anyways, two completely insane creeps were following me. One wore a suit, the other a fluffy dog. "I'M NOT A DOG!" He screamed. I glared at him, "Just get out of here!" I COULD BE AT HOME READING...I DUNNO SKYLOX SMUT BUT NOOOOOOOOO I HAVE TO BE IN THIS 'DARK' 'SCARY' FOREST SETTING!! "MUHAHAHAHAH!" A voice echoed threw the forest. The author herself appearing into thin air, "I CONTROL EVERYTHING HERE!"
"YOU CONTROL NOTHING!" I screamed back. The two insane dog and posh man watched. "YOU HAVE NO POWER HEEEEERE!" She laughed loudly and suddenly I was a fish. "FIIIIAAAASH!" All three screamed.
Okay, the author left, blah blah blah, I'm a hooman again, blah blah, still being stalked, blah. A knife was suddenly embedded in my shoulder. I screamed, stuff like that. I COULD BE WATCHING NETFLIX. "NETFLIX AND CHILL!" Bodil screamed, throwing movies everywhere. Anyways, laying on the ground, bleeding. Thanks whoever requested this! I reeeeaaaally appreciate it! They then both pinned me down. "Netflix and Chill." They whispered at the same time.

Wtf did I just write!? XD
Requested by: IRegretNothn

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