Insane Seto x Ghost!reader

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Y/n pov

I floated up to the roof and sat on the roof, well I was floating an inch off of it, but it's close enough. I stayed in an old, abandoned house. No one lived in it for years. I wish I was still alive. I can't have friends, no one sees me. It gets pretty lonely when your a ghost, no friends, no one can see you, no home, no body. I sighed and got up, going to the 'living room'. A perk of being a ghost is that you can just faze threw walls and objects and you can't get hurt. I heard something I havn't heard in a long time...The door opening. I peeked out of a door way, the door was gone when I got here. A boy my age walked threw the front door and looked around. He wore a purple cape/hood thing and looked like he was a sorcerer. I peeked out a little more to get a better look at him, he was cute. He had blue eyes and brown hair. He turned around and he looked at me. I gasped and hid, 'Could he see me?' I thought. I heard his foot steps coming closer so I flew to the upstairs. I heard him stop and then walk around, probably looking for me. But..He can't see me, can he? I heard the thumping of him coming up the stairs. I gasped and hid behind a large box. "Come on out, I know your there." He said calmly. I hesitantly stood up slowly. He grinned, "Hello there." I frowned, "Y-you can s-see m-me?" I asked quietly. He nodded. "H-how?" He giggled, "Sorcerers can see things others can't." I smiled slightly, 'He could see me.' "What's your name?" He asked me. "Y/n." I said, still smiling. "I'm Seto." I don't know why but I really like that name. I fazed threw the box. "So your a sorcerer?" I asked. He nodded and held out his hand. I watched in amazement as a ball of purple flame appeared. I floated a little closer to get a better look. The flame flickered and disappeared. Seto smiled, "Cool huh?" I nodded. "Do you wanna sit down?" He asked. I frowned, "But the couch is broken." He grinned, "I think I can fix that." He turned around and walked down the stairs, I followed him. He stood in front of the couch and held up his hands. I stood to the side and watched as he used magic to fix it. Seto smiled and sat down, I sat next to him. He frowned, "If you don't mind me asking, um, how did you die?" I bit my lip and held back tears, "I-I d-died in a c-car crash." "Oh. I'm sorry I asked." I didn't say anything. He suddenly brightened up, "I think I can help you! Come with me." He held out his hand. "Wait what?" I was confused. "Just take my hand." "Uh, you do realize i'm a ghost right? I can't exactly grab your hand." I told him. "Oh uh, Follow me?" "Ok?" I mumbled. He smiled and got up, "Lets go then!"


We were walking, I was floating, in a forest when a huge house came into view. "Wow, do you live here?" I asked Seto, he nodded. We walked/floated to the door step and Seto unlocked it. I went threw and he did to. "Follow me." He walked up some stairs to a room that had tables filled with books and potions. He picked up a book and flipped threw the pages. I peered over his shoulder. There was an illustration of a zombie and a human. There was a caption that read, 'Turns the undead back to humans.' Could that help me? "This is used to turn zombies back to life and I think it'll work on you." He explained. I flew back a few feet and watched him put strange items in a brewing table. A bottle of water shifted to a bright green, to orange, then settled at a bright red color.  Seto set the potion down and said something in a different language. The bottle turned see threw and floated a view inches off of the table. He grinned, "Come here and drink this." I went over and reached for the potion. I gasped as I actually grabbed it, "H-how?!" I exclaimed. "I'm surprised that worked. It turns anything into a ghost thing or a ghost can use it." He told me. I looked at it and frowned, "Is it safe?" "Of course it's safe." He told me. I tilted my head back and drunk it all. I gagged a bit when I was done, "Well that tasted horrible." I said trying to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. "Yah, it's not the best." I suddenly felt weird. There was a strange tingling in my chest. I looked at my hands, they started to regain color and became less see threw. I started choking, I coughed and breathed in, overwhelmed by being able to breath again. I could feel the blood pumping into my veins and in my chest. I looked back at my hands, they wern't see threw but I was still a little pale, but not a pure wight anymore. I smiled and pinched my self, I felt it, I felt the pain and I was so happy(this sounds really weird) to feel it. I picked up a near by book and I held it. I put it down and started to cry. "Y/n?" Seto walked up to me. "Are you okay?" I threw my arms around him, "Thank you! Thank you so much!" I cried tears of joy. He hugged me back, "Your welcome." I smiled, "Th-thank you so much!" I repeated. I looked at him and he wiped my tears away. He smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "Why did you do this?" I asked him. He smiled again, "Because you deserve a second chance and so I could do this.." He tilted my head up and gently kissed me. I blushed, I kissed back. He pulled me closer to him and I closed my eyes. He smiled and pulled away, "I didn't think you'd kiss back." He said. I smiled, "Well I like you, a lot actually." I admitted, blushing. He grinned, "I like you to, a lot." I smiled and kissed him again. Man, is it wonderful to be able to kiss. 

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