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Yandere!Jinbop x reader

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This will be updated randomly, also rarely. This book doesn't have many Yandere x readers, or Jinbops XD(If any!) So why not?

Y/n pov

I walked down the school hallway with my friend, Sky (I can't think of anything else!), we were talking about today's assignment at school. "I think it's hard!" He complained. "Yeah, I do too, but it can't be impossible! And besides, we get partners, it should be fine." We were told a little about it yesterday, today was the day we get partners and our papers, things like that. "But you're like...a genius!" Sky shouted, throwing his hands up, "You'll ace this!" I giggled, "Yeah, I guess! Lets just hope we get to be partners!" Sky scoffed, "We're the loudest kids in there, plus we're friends! No way the Teach will let us team up!" I shrugged, "Guess you're right there." He rolled his eyes, and we both entered the classroom, taking our seats. Sky sat to my left, an empty seat to my right. He slumped against the desk, while I sat upright, my legs crossed over one another. Soon, everyone filled into the room, the teacher stood up, about to speak when the door opened. "Ms. Petersen, (Idk XD) you have a new student." She smiled and walked to the door, talking to the principle. Everyone, including me, peered to see the new student. She thanked him and walked back in, a new boy beside her. "Class," She addressed, "This is Jinbop (Is that his real name? He mentioned something about it in a video, but idk for sure XD), please treat him nicely." The boy had black hair that covered one eye, his eyes were big and brown. He wore a white and purple hoodie and simple grey pants. "Jin, you can sit next to Y/n, she'll be your partner since you're new." She nodded towards me, Jin nodded, thanking her and walked over to his new seat beside me. Sky groaned, of course. "I'll help if you really need it." I whispered to him. He simply rolled his eyes and starred at the teacher. Jin sat beside me, saying a polite hello. I said a small 'Hi' back, smiling. The teacher began listing of our partners, "Alex, you'll be Mikes partner. Sally, you'll be Aprils. Sky, you get...hmm...Bob." She continued. I glanced at Sky, he looked bored and seemed to not like his odds. "Lucky." he hissed to me. I gave him a cheeky smile, "All the luck for me!" He glared at me playfully. "Excuse me, Y/n. What are we doing at the moment?" The new kid asked, looking at me. For some reason, I blushed slightly under his gaze, "W-well, we're doing a project on how the human brain reacts too terror." He nodded, thinking about it for a minute. "Thanks." I nodded and glanced back at my friend, he, of course, seemed to be asleep, face smashed against the desk. "Y/n, please wake Sky up." The teacher stated, glaring at him. "Why, of course." I murmured, getting up. The teacher had a special way of waking people up. I leaned in close to him, then screamed in his ear. He, in turn, screamed and flailed out of his eat, landing on the ground. Everyone laughed at the flustered scene. "I...I was dreaming about budder!" He wailed. I giggled and sat back down, "Love yah!" He glared at me and sat back down. From the corner of my eye, I could have sworn, I saw Jin glare at him. I thought nothing of it and paid attention to the teacher.

I was walking home with Sky, and Jin, since he lived the same way, and we decided to do the project at his house. Sky went on about some guy in class screaming about chickens in one class. Jin, meanwhile, kept glancing at me. "Yo!" Sky hissed, "You listening!?" I rolled my eyes, "Yeah yeah, 'the chicken ate my homework'!" He smiled, changing the subject, "So, Jin, I must say you're lucky!" Jin turned to look at him, "Hm?" Sky laughed, "You have Y/n as a partner!" "Oh god no..." I whispered. "She's the best student in the school! Having all these friends! The smartest one in class! And not to mention all the boys falling for her!" I glared at him, hissing a 'stop'. He giggled and continued, "Almost everyday people come up to her, confessing their love! Asking her out! Trying to kiss her! Things like that!" Jin tilted his head to the side, "Oh really?" A strange glint flashed in his eyes. I didn't think anything of it, instead I slapped Sky. "Stop it! Why are you even saying this!? How do we go from chickens, to how many people like me?" He shrugged, "I'm Sky, what'cha expect?" Jin seemed to be deep in thought, a smile curled on his lips. "I'm gonna kill you!" I hissed to Sky. He laughed and ran, "GOTTA CATCH ME!" I slung off my backpack and ran after him. He screamed and threw his at me, "DEAD WEIGHT!" I dodged it easily and managed to trip him, that I sat on him. He squealed and struggled, trying to crawl away. I smirked and just sat there, "Ah, so comfy." "Get off you're heavy!" I giggled and got up. i yelped as Jin suddenly picked me up, "Eh, not that heavy." Sky laughed at my flustered face. He could easily hold me with one arm, a grin on his face. I squirmed out of his grip, picking up my backpack quickly. Sky grabbed his too, "I can't pic you up at all!" Jin muttered something with a dark expression. I glanced at him slightly, but shrugged it off. "This is the way to my house." Jin said, stopping in front of a path that cut into the dark woods. Sky smiled, "Buys guys!" We both said bye back, walking into the woods. It was an awkward silence for the whole way there, but soon, a house could be seen. "My parents are gone, so we'll be alone." I nodded, "Alright, that's fine." He smiled and opened the door, "Ladies first.~" I blushed slightly, walking in with a thank you. 
we spent a while talking about the project, then, about each other, getting to know each other.

I walked into the class room the next day. Noticing that some students, boys, were gone. I shrugged it off, taking my seat beside Sky. Jin sat with a smile on his face, surveying the empty seats. I thought they were just sick, maybe. Why so many? Why just boys? Sky glanced at Sky suspiciously. As usual, I simply paid attention to the teacher. 
The next day I walked in, more boys were gone. Jin had an eve wider grin on his face. Sky starred at him, with a mix of confusion and...fear? I looked at him, "you, alright, Sky?" He shook his head slowly, not taking his eyes off Jin. I glanced at him, he simply smiled back, that strange glint in his eyes again. "Uh....okaaay?" I looked back at the teacher. At the end of the school day, Sky pulled me to the side on the way home, away from Jin. "Y/n," He whispered. "What's wrong with you?" I asked. He glanced at Jin, "There's something wrong with him." "What?" "Think about it! People have been disappearing ever since he got here! Boys that like you, he''s got something to do with it, I'm sure of it!"I rolled my eyes, "It must be a coincident. I mean look at him." He was starring a a bird pecking alone the road, an innocent smile present. I walked away, to Jin, "So, about the project-" He cut me off, "Oh yes, all we need is to test our theory, then it will be complete!" I smiled and nodded, "Great!" Sky stood beside me, eyeing the boy. "Bye, Sky." I said as we turned to go towards his house. Sky reluctantly muttered a 'bye' back, walking away quickly. Jin seemed to almost glare at him. "Should we go?" I asked. He nodded with a smile, "Of course."
The very next day, Sky was missing. 
I thought he was sic, or, just ditched today. Jin grinned at the empty seat, "We can do the test today, it'll be perfect!" I was confused, again, "A-alright." 
I walked to lunch, then...realized none of my friends were there. "Guess they're sick." Jin said with a smile, "I'm here for you though!" I smiled softly, "Thanks, Jin." He smiled more at the mention of his name. The day ended rather quickly, and we walked to his house, Sky missing, of course. He let me in, locking the door when he entered. "Time for the test!" He hissed, pulling something out of his pocket. 
...A knife. Covered in blood. I backed up, "J-Jin?" He grinned, "Yes, dear?" I eyed the knife, "Wh...what are y-you doing?.." He chuckled, "Just school work! Of course, this is just getting started." He grabbed my arm and dragged me threw the house. I struggled, yelling for him to let me go. He hummed and opened a door, shoving me threw and entering, locking it as well. He flicked on the light, instantly, I screamed.
All the people missing...were dead in the room, some ripped apart, others cut open. "These are all the horrible people who tried to 'love' you." I screamed and struggled harder, he, however, refused to let go. "Oh, but I'm not done!" He dragged me threw the room -I had to avoid stepping on a heart- and into another door. I instantly screamed.
Sky....was tied to a chair, his head hanging, body covered in blood, cuts all over his body. He  dragged out a short pained breath, weakly looking up. "S-Sky!?" He couldn't speak at this point. "Wh-what did you do!?" I yelled at Jin. He chuckled, letting me go, "I simply took away what would take you from me! The one that loved you oh so much, only I deserve your love." This guys insane! I was frozen in place, tears pouring from my face. He laughed and walked over to him, twirling the knife in his hands. "We'll get a win-win! I kill the horrible thing you love, and we test your fear!" In a flash, he slit is throat. "NO!" I screamed, running to stop him. Instantly, Jin grabbed me, holding me against his chest. "Shhh, just watch him bleed out." He giggled, forcing me to watch my best friend die. Sky took one last breath, then went limp. "N-no.." I whispered, crying harder, "Y-you're a monster! Wh-why would y-you do that!?" He giggled again, "I did it because I love you, Y/n. And now, we can be together...forever!" I struggled harder, "N-no! I HATE YOU! LET ME GO!" He sighed, "You'll learn that you're mine, and ONLY mine." He picked me up, taking me to another room. I struggled again, screaming horrible things to him. He simply smiled and pushed me onto a bed, quickly chaining me to it. "It's alright, my sweet," He whispered, crawling on top of me, "You'll learn to love me."

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