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Admin: i know i'm part french but... I dont like the language

France: b-but

Admin: i rather be learning Swedish, maybe Finnish or danish cuz, Greenland

Sweden: you're not joking

Finland: yes! Suck that France!!! *fist pump*

Admin: yeah :} i can swear at teacher and *insert Pewdiepie voice* they wont suspect a thing

France: but my language is the language of love

Admin: i have a french teacher plus, i can already say a few swedish swears

Sweden+Finland: *hugging Ciela* study buddies!! :D

Admin: :D

France: but dont you love ME I'M SEXY GODDAMNIT!

Admin: *acting like France isn't here* we'll be study buddies and i can then swear at teachers in swedish and finnish it'll the greatest moment in my life!

France: but mon cheir i'm french so, how can you hate my language?

Admin: are swedish and Finish kinda the same?

Finland: kinda yeah


Admin: XD i'll be... The greatest swearer ever!

Finland: swearer isnt a word

Admin: it is now... Sweden you sing weird like, seriously

Finland: i like it~

France: *leaves cuz being neglected* biothes

Admin: in both languages do you roll your r's

Sweden: yeah but, they're blended

Finland: yeah

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