Headcanons again...

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• The Awesome trio and the town boy trio{Hungary, Serbia and Ireland} love jackass and they'll sometimes they all get together and try and mimic the stunts. Prussia invites Spain and {drunk} France to join in the stunts too. Whenever they end up in the Hopsital they're all asking, "how did we miss up?"

• once after GA The tomboy club used the band room and had Serbia sing freaks by the royals while Ireland played the guitar{learned for Iggy} and Hungary the second guitar Belgium did the electro keyboard and while having so much fun{musical talent too} nations started following the music and sat and watched them so now every GA prom they're the band that plays.

•Once and awhile the tomboy trio{Hungary, Serbia and Ireland} will get together and come up with a dance routine for soilder.

• out of all the Jackass stunts the Tomboy trio has done they're less success mimicked stunt they've done would be the slingshot skateboard{Serbia} , alligators{performed by Ireland}on the streets and the ball surfing but they still come up with other jackass stuff in the pass time.

• Whichever nation is the current presidency of the council of the EU has "F*cker in charge of you f*cking f*cks" on their desk.

• Romano voiced Francesco Bernoulli in cars 2. Italy wouldn't talk to him for a week.

• Russia Loves IPhones for the soul reason that the app picture has a sunflower on it.

• The British Isle family knows that Will Herondale is Wales in disguise and wont tell him they know.

• Russia had a reason for wearing his scarf. When Napoleon and Hitler tried to invade, the scorched earth policy was put into effect. Russia now has burn scars all around his neck.

{GeoHon for Paris_Love_Bonnofoy} • Honduras's is a comfort zone for Georgia{yes the stae not Country}. Her cheerful and optimistic atmosphere soothes him greatly. which also leads to Georgia being overprotective on her and get defensive on Honduras whenever someone picks on her for being the murder capital of the world.

• [HonGuata] Due to Honduras's personality she is a comfort zone for about any nation even France when England rejects thus, makes Guatemala jealous over any nations despite
gender touching her "girlfriend" without her permission and shoves said nation of only to "ask" to be held.

• {RoSerb headcanon} Russia rarely gets jealous if Serbia shows interest in woman. She could have a full-fledged affair if she choose to with a woman, and ask how it went. But if Russia thinks Serbia is interested in another man? All hell breaks loose.

• Beluras once woke up in the middle of the night , went to the wrong bathroom, and accidentally took a wrong turn into Toris's room, falling asleep next to him. She woke up before him and instead of screaming she moved closer to him. Then when Toris woke up later she smiled and acted like he was still sleeping, letting her leave without being embarrassed when she woke up again.

• Ireland has grown accustomed to a lot of Portuguese traditions and food ever since Ireland had began dating Portugal, but she still refuses to eat any food that includes anything other then the meat of the usual cow. Portugal doesn't mind thus, because that means more food for him.

• America uses the cheesiest/worse pick up lines in existence, and is a general annoyance, but has still managed to get into bed with have the world even Iran.

• if you ask the baltics about "what's up with Russia taking a bath with Serbia isnt she a girl?" They'll tell you the same thing "Russia often makes Serbia bathe with him".
[if you forgot what she looks like: She has long thick brunette hair, beige colored skin, and hazelish eyes. Height: 5'6" - 5'7"]

• Once even though Ireland warned them Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland walked in on England and France having s*x now whenever Ireland warns them that FrUk could be happening they listen.

• Scotland doesn't like the fact that England does indeed have a sex life. It makes him uncomfortable.

• While Singapore was under Japan's control she found out he was quite a playboy because she walked in during one of his shoots. Nowadays, Japan doesn't like to talk about that period of his life but... Singapore still taunts him by taking his "private playboy" and aksing "do you think Greece will like it?".

• despite Russia's sanity beginning to slip around the time he was conquered by the golden horde she came over to his house and even though things only got worse when he began his ascent to power Russia was surprised that Serbia still wasn't afraid to be around him.

• One of the key that motived Russia to expand his borders was the opportunity to get revenge on the who wring him in the past, Mongolia in particular

• one of the key things that motived Russia when he was expanding his borders was the opportunity to get revenge on those who had wronged him in the past, Mongolia in particular.

• whenever Finland and Greenland drink together or even separate, the other nordic's will run as far way from them as possible.

• If you told S. Korea that doing a certain thing would make him popular, he would do it without question.
*example: "Korea if you wore a bra under your clothes you'd be so fresh" Singapore sugested. He did it"*

• Spain and Italy are partially to blame for Austria's fear of marine animals

• why Prussia looks so unique compared to everyone else, is because he was created artificially. Don't believe me here --> Prussia was an an artificial creation, the product of the dynasty and its servants, as well as the Hapsburg Empire. But unlike that empire, throughout most of his history he was purely a german state untroubled by the problems of national minorities. He had been the first state on German soil whose endeavors, at least since the reign of Frederick William 1, had been directed towards the state rather than the dynasty.

• Belgium is actually flanders. There used to be a Wallonia but, she disappeared. Ever since, belgium has been terrified of something like that happening to her friend Romano.

• Greenland's brothers were Arctic and Antarctica, but they died after the human population of most of the polar circle died down to very small number and there was no need for a personification anymore.

• Greenland suffers from Claustrophobia, Astraphobia

• when The Nordic's found Greenland she was trying to kill herself by Hypothermia and cutting.

• if Greenland wasnt related to Denmark... She would be the love child of DenNor which explains why she lives with Denmark and a norse and danish settlement

• there are no personifications for Arctic and Antarctica

• Mint bunny has a name, but it's gaelic because she's originally Scottish, so England refuses to call her by her name. Scotland does adress her like that.

• There is not a single that has never committed an act of murder.

• Sweden helped the creators make amnesia: the dark descent just so he could win a bet with japan on who made the scarier game though, Indonesia won with Dreadout cuz of supenze scary, mood

• when Indonesia made dreadout some of the nations modal{not personality though} for her example
Linda: herself
Ira: Singapore
Shelly: Malaysia
Doni: Netherlands
Mrs. Sisaby: Iran {without her headscarf}
Yayan: Japan
and had Sweden do the test.

• Last time Singapore went to the Asian country reunion without a bra on and Korea did his breast thing, lets just say Korea's hands were out of order.

• a nations general climate determines how warm their hands are.

• Like Japan, Iraq's opposite personality{2p} still haunts her...

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