Hetalia Middle School

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A/N: image all the nations in middle school and their ages range from 12-15 and their teachers are ancient nations who don't know squat about math or Science their doing today well except Iran and Iraq they know Iran can be grumpy in the morning


~Science Class~

Teacher Iran: I'm Iran and if one of you little faggots call me Persia I'm leaving you to little Russia over the- why is Siberia sleeping?

Russia: she does this-..

Iran: ok Honduras sit in between Romano and Georgia they just won't shut up *lights smoke*

America: are you allowed to smoke?

Teacher Iran: are you suppose live for ever while your civilization dies?, no, so shut the f*ck up... France stop trying in pregnant everyone!

Ukraine: I know what will solve ever-

Teacher Iran: I swear to god if showing your boobies is the answer I'm vagina punching you

England: e.e where's your certify?

Teacher Iran: up yours that's where

Italy: pasta

Teacher Iran: You get a A+ today Italia

Spain: *hands Teacher Iran a tomato* this will brighten your day

Teacher Iran: *pats Spain's head* at lest you're not annoying

Philippines: *raises hand*

Teacher Iran: yeah Philippines

Philippines: Science?

Teacher Iran: ok here's something you can all understand-...

Hungary+Prussia: *giggling*

Teacher Iran: did I say something f*cking funny?!

Prussia: nien it's nozhing

Teacher Iran: this isn't f*cking language Prussia

Austria: Prussia please let's get zhis over vith

Alaska: I like are teacher

Singapore: Really hadn't noticed

Malaysia: Hong Kong *sots over to Hong Kong*

Greece: Singapore would you like a stuffed cat?

Teacher Iran: Romano stop annoying Georgia, Georgia stop trying to get Siberia up so she can hit him, France for the life of god stop being... Well... France! *grabs a book*

Canada: e.e

Teacher Iran: *chucks it at France's face* WHAT DID I JUST SAY FRANCE

France: *gets hit* Owow you're not suppose to hurt us!

Teacher Iran: Antarctica, Scotland thank you for being silent

Slovakia: um science?

Romania: *eating a cookie*

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