Burger song

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America: Alaska England get in here!!!

Alaska: what? *eating snowcone*

England: what now?

America: :3

Alaska: ?

England: ?

America: look my burger, my cheeseburger amazing

Alaska: 0_= not really

America: give it a bite *holds burger in Alaska's face*

England: I prefer tea

Alaska: *takes bite* it's not bad, unlike England's cooking which clearly is shit stuffed into a hockey puck or scone thingy

England: Your cooking is shitty too so shut your pie hole

Alaska: I can cooking.. Like when I cooked for the world conference meeting the other day so ha

America: *strokes burger* marry the burger with a little milkshake (p.s thanks grace for this lyric)

England: your retarded

Alaska: =_= total dumbass

America: it turns to a double pounder, then to a quarter pounder

Alaska:.... *smacks America* you'll never be a singer, never in a million years

England: how did someone this retarded win independent?

America: ;/\; but

Alaska: =.=

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