Dangit France

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Alaska: *pokes France*

France: Ohononon~ yes my sweet little Alaska?

Alaska: *looks down at the ground* w-w-w-well.... we ummm.... wanted to know.... If you could stop *coughs* streaking?

France: what do you mean by we?

Alaska: the... other nations.... France

🍧In the other room🍧

Antarctica: =_= warning if anything happens to Alaska in your hands England I swear on Siberia's life you'll be die! I can promise you that, so this plan better work

Switzerland: don't worry I have my double barreled shoot guns loaded >:D

England: how does Liechtenstein handle you?

Switzerland: who do you think I am you idiot? Obviously not tinkerbell

England: not what I met but I don't care

Antarctica: how about you too both shut up need I say anymore >:| *holding each by there ears*

England+Switzerland: 0~0 yes mam

Antarctica: I bought two greater Swiss mountain dogs to protect her in anyway

Switzerland: did you planet mines around my house too? *smart @$$ tone*

Antarctica: brilliant idea thanks Switzerland :)

Switzerland: 0_0 your insane


Antarctica: just shut up already!!!!!!! *flips table*

England: fine

Switzerland: fine

🍧now back to France and Alaska🍧

France: do you hear anything strange?

Alaska: no, why?

France: oh then it must be me imagining such noises *dramatic acting*

Alaska: your very odd France =_=

France: and you a rare beauty just like Siberia ;D

Alaska: 0.o thank you I guess

France: and I will not stop streaking silly girl *flips up dress*

Alaska: >\\\\\\< *holds down dress* YOU LITTLE FETISH FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

France: *walks out of the room* (one day I'll flip up Siberia's dress if she ever choose to wear one)

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