Homework and Gerita

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Admin: *gets out more homework* nah *starts look up Gerita*

America: dudette you had to write your favorite admentant too

Admin: fick(German for f*ck)

America: write about freedom

Admin: what amendment is that?

America: Alaska's Laptop will tell us! *somehow has it*

Admin: ooooo~~~ Alaska gonna be sooo mads

America: also when is the British/French Americans gonna sing?

Admin: oh yeah kinda forgot I was thinking for all the girls then all boys... The girls have already chosen theirs

America: oh ok then hurry up the hero must go on~~

Admin: well Slovenia has chosen her groups song, Slovakia has hers, I have done Alaska and Canada with Maryland I'll do it next chapter... I forgot the Groups!! *grumps Homework paper without thinking*

America: um, your homework


America: you ripped it up

Admin: I'm screwed Hetalia is getting in the way of my school life

America: your a fangirl so how could it not

Admin: I'm awesome zhat how

America: homework *tries to un grump it but fails and rips it again* sorry

Admin: nah it's cool bro don't worry I'm like totally screwed but hey, hetalia is life, hetalia is life ^_^

America: *hugging admin* don't forgot I'm one of your favorite character

Admin: *thinking: you just keep believing that bubbie boy* yup you're my favorite character

America: sooo *pulls out own homework* do you understand this

Admin: I'm I a nation

America: no

Admin: that's your answer *goes looking up Gerita*

America: well meow then

Admin: just write I am awesome, Prussia does it to and his grades aren't bad

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