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Admin: this is HonMano which means Honduras x Romano and if you put they're names together you get ValVino :3 it took me 3 secs to come up with it but hellz ya I did it

Honduras: awesome

Romano: I've heard-a better

Admin: ok next is RomaVakia which means Romania X Slovakia :D

Romania: i'm just that awesome

Slovakia: ow well :) still good

Admim: ok RussBeria= Russia X Siberia

Russia: ^J^ *arm over Siberia shoulder* I think it's perfect da

Siberia: *leaning on Russia sleeping*

Admin: hmm.... FruIre

France: :)

Ireland: that nice

Admin: Scottica= Scotland X Antarctica

Scotland: ME WITH HER?! Ye must be crazy lassie

Antarctica: honestly don't really see the big deal *smoking*

Admin: GerVenia= Germany x Slovenia

Germany: vell I suppose zhat vell just have to vork

Slovenia: *have Germany's fav stick* mine

Admin: IceGreen= Iceland x Greenland

Iceland: e_e *hold up IceGreen tea* not original

Greenland: oh well it's better then nothing

Admin: CanLask= Canada x Alaska

Canada: *hugging Alaska* MINE!!!!

Alaska: :)

Admin: SwissDinia= Switzerland X Sardinia

Switzerland:.... *mumbling* only Italian I'll ever like *has gun* ANYONE HURT HER I'M SHOOTING THEIR SORRY ASS *in front of Sardinia*

Liechtenstein: me too *has to pistols locked and loaded*

Sardinia: *tackle hugs Switzerland* MY SWISSY

Admin: HongMalay= Malaysia x Hong Kong XD

Malaysia: :)

Hong Kong: *hugs Malaysia* mine Biothes

Admin: Jiripore= Japan x Singapore

Japan: werr ok

Singapore: i like it

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