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Admin: *jumping around in pjs with glee*

Alaska: what's wrong with her?

Siberia: ?

Admin: nothing's wrong just *shows wattpad story likes* this

Siberia+Alaska: *jumping with happiness* OH MY LUMPY SPACE OMG LUMPY SPACE

Every nation: *magically teleports in*

Germany+Prussia: *wearing sparkly pants* who's up for ze German banana sparkle party

Hungary: I am *staring dreamily at Prussia*

Prussia: if jou wanted to dance jou could've asked *starts dancing with Hungary*

Norway: *break dancing on the floor* woohoo

Japan+Singapore: *doing a tradition Japanese duet dance*

Russia+Siberia: *doing a Russian duet dance and singing the lyrics*

Barbados: wtf everyone

France: *sneaks up behind Ireland and wraps arms around her waist* hello mon cheir

Ireland: *enjoying this*

England: let her frog face

Scotland: *throws smoke at France*

N. Ireland: RAWRRR

Romania: *dancing with Admin*

America: yo dudes *has firecrackers* cracker time!

Admin: *sounds of a majestic f*cking eagle, flopping on the floor*

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