Trampoline and a pool

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Siberia: *uses magic to change into a icy-blue bikkia top and bottoms (crosses at the back)

Hungary: *puts on bikki with the colors of her flag and bottoms*

Monaco: *puts on pink bikki top and bottoms*

Alaska: *puts a red bikki top and bottoms*

Belgium: *emerald green bikki top and bottoms*

Hungary: so what are we doing?

Belgium: why do we need bathing suits? =_=

Alaska: are we going swimming sis?

Siberia: see that trampoline over there? *points to tampoline*

Hungary: yes....why?

Alaska: oh I know *pushes trampoline over to pool*

Siberia: *climbs on trampoline begins to jump high, does a flip and lands in the pool* I'M AWESOMER THAN PRUSSIA

Alaska: *starts jumping on trampoline and flips into the pool* weeee! ^_^

Hungary: ^~^ are you sure this is safe? *starts jumping on the trampoline makes it into the pool*

Monaco: *does a backflip into the pool* this is so fuuuun!!!!!!!!!!!

Hungary: SIBERIA!!!!!!!!!

Alaska: SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Siberia: *sees England and hops out of the pool uses the trampoline and jumps off* AHHHH!!!!!! CATCH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_;

England: *catches Siberia* why in gods name would you do that?!!!?!?!?!?!?!

Siberia: :) want to go swimming?

England: ok *goes in the bathroom puts swim trunks on*

Siberia: *jump off the trampoline into the pool* :D

England: *uses trampoline and jumps in the pool* ^.^ I didn't die!

America: *already has swim trunks on* can I join :)

Alaska: sure use the trampoline to jump in the pool

America: I'll get the others nations first

🕡Moments later🕡

Prussia: ze awesome Prussia is here

Germany: what is it

Italy: ve~ whata is ita Siberia?

France: Ohononon~ you look good in that bikki Siberia *rape face*

Japan: what are we doing Siberia-sun?

Romano: whata is ita Siberia?

Spain: si~ this looks fun

Switzerland: >:( is this going to cost money?

Holy Roman Empire: vhat did you summon me here for Siberia?

Sealand: *jumps on trampoline and into the pool with a big splash* wohoooo!

Canada: holy maple leaf your in a strig woooooow awesome *begins jumping and flips lands it* suck that loser >:D

America: do you really want Justin beaver =_=

Canada: do you want Oliver? =_=

Siberia: *grabs Switzerland by the hand and pulls him on the trampoline*

Switzerland:  what are you doing?

Siberia: follow my lead first we hold hand and jump on the trampoline into the pool

Siberia+Switzerland: *holds hands and start jumping super high and jump into the pool and splashes everyone* weeeeee!!!!!!!

Canada: *flips America off*

Siberia: *gets out of pool walks to Canada picks up canada fireman style* we're so awesome but you already know :)

Hungary: *climbs out of pool walks over to Prussia* bet you can beat me >:)

Prussia: 0/////0 *nosebleed cuz Hungary(PruHun i ship it)*

England:  please dont

Siberia: *hair flip* England....

england: what?

Siberia: Iggy

America: no peeing in the pool

Alaska: *smacks America as hard as possible*

America: =_= you suck you know that

Alaska: Hungary May I use your frying pan?

Hungary: ya it's been in the sun for awhile now

Holy Roman Empire: 0/////0

Siberia: Ramon whats wrong

Holy Roman Empire: well nothing

Russia: *appears out of nowhere* hi

💠In secret room💠

Siberia: *locks door behind* Holy Roman Dick if this is how your going to act I'll just spice thing up >:D

Siberia: *chanting with pentagram* HYSTERIA VISTARIA LISTARIA NOVIA PORTA LAVE APPEARANCNESA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *giant smog appears*

Germaina: vhere am I how did I GET HERE!!!!!!!!!

Siberia: calm down =_= just put this on *hands swim trunks*

Germania: crap you

Siberia: *icey stare* I said put them on

Germania: 0_0 could I get privacy at lest

Siberia: *teleports out of room*

Germania: awww I wish she was around when I was alive I could tease Holy Roman Empire

Siberia: *teleports Germanina above the pool and drops him* >:( boys take 4ever

Everyone: *runs to the pool because of the girly scream*

Germanina: I hate you so much Siberia >:[

Siberia: *hugs Rome* at lest Rome doesn't hate me :3

Holy Rome empire: take that I still beat your sorry butt even in the woman department >:D

Germaina: *throws donut at Rome* YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rome: *eats donut* thank you germaina

Everyone: *eats*

Siberia: *sneaks behind Rome and pushes him in*

Rome: *firmly grabs Siberia leg and pulls her down along with him*

Siberia: AHHHHH!

Rome: IF AM GOING DOWN YOUR COMING ALONG TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

England: *grabs Siberia arm and get pulled down along with her* British PAYLESS


Hungary sat next to Prussia
Siberia sat on England's lap cause there was no more room.

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