Teaching Awesome

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A/N: ok during the Cold War Prussia stayed with Russia so this is Prussia teaching to teach 13 year old Siberia how to be awesome and Mocsow(Belongs to Paris_Hon_Bonnefoy)


Prussia: Siberia Moscow vould jou come here?

Siberia+Moscow: da?

Prussia: today's jour first lesson in awesome jou'll never be as awesome as me but still a little awesome

Siberia: did big brother Russia approve?

Prussia: he's out so me and zhe Baltic's are vatching jou

Moscow: only if big sister Siberia agree's to

Prussia: vell do jou vant to learn ze vays of awesome

Siberia: I guess

Prussia: Siberia first jou must announce jour awesomeness to zhe vorld

Siberia: privet I'm the personification of Siberia and I'm awesome, da?

Moscow: I'm Moscow and I am awesomeness~

Prussia: ok zhen Siberia jou must vork on it

Siberia: e.e

Prussia: next jou must be able to summon zhe awesome of Gilbirds by *gets dressed like Gilbird and starts dancing stupidly* let zhis!!!

Moscow: *gets in postion*

Siberia: don't

Prussia: jou must be able to hand zhe beer

Siberia: is that Russia's vodka?

Moscow: *shrugs*

Prussia: nien.... Maybe....

Siberia: *takes it*

Moscow: you know what happened last time right?

Siberia: I'll be fine I'm Siberian after all *takes a sip*

Prussia: good Ja?

Siberia: yeah~~~~~~~ *throws bottle a crossed the room* FOR MOTHER RUSSIA PIPES AND AMERCIJAN *hic* EVERYONE WILL BECOME ONE, THEY CAN MY BUTTTT~~~~~~~~~~~

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