Dora's secrets

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note: Gakuen Academy style and this conversion did happen in real life with Some awesome friends but idk if they want they're name mentioned so ya.

Seychelles: lies *giggles* lies *giggles* all lies

Antarctica: when I was talking about Dora and her secrets

Admin: the secrets of the abyss *sly tone*

Antarctica: Dora has so many dirt secrets... I can't even count them all *waves finger*

Admin: what does she do with them boots on that one episode thingy?

Antarctica: oh she took off Boot's boots

Admin: *giggles* and raped him

Antarctica: she didn't have the drugs *starts walking to the nation acrossed the hall*

Seychelles+Admin: *giggling while following Antarctica*

Seychelles: am not Dora am Sey.... *gets interrupted by Antarctica*

Antarctica: OH DORA! *incoherent muttering*

Seychelles: am not Dora the Explorer gosh, so don't compare me to some Spanish TV character

Antarctica: I know all of them all of them! Boots is gay!

Seychelles: oh god


Seychelles+Admin: *laughing*

Antarctica: BOOTS HAS A VAGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seychelles: ohhoho 😮 *laughing*

Antarctica: ok?!

Admin: how i-s.. how did Boots get a vagina?

Antarctica: SHE WAS BORN WITH IT!!!!!!

Admin: 😄

Antarctica: and for a thousand years tried to get surgery but couldn't change it!

Seychelles+Admin: *still laughing loudly*

Antarctica: *walks up to France with arms out* ya Boots is gay! *walks up to England* they had... Boots and Dora had a secret affair when no one was watching!

Admin+Seychelles: *interrupts with laughing*

Antarctica: THEY HAD LESBIAN SEX!!!!!!!!!

England+France: *starts laughing loudly* 😂

Antarctica: *stares at the other nations* what?!

America: wtf?! *looking at Antarctica*

Canada: 😂

Antarctica: there's something wrong with Dora, Dora had lesbian sex with a MONKEY!!!

Austria: *trying hard not to laugh* Dora

Antarctica: Boots doesn't even have feet, he likes to walk around NAKED!!

Admin: *laughing bluntly* h-h-hey why does he... *gets interrupted by Antarctica*

Antarctica: *cups hands around mouth and looks at Seychelles* YOU HAVE A PORNO FRIEND DORA!!!!

Seychelles: 0o0 *drops water bottle*

Admin: well what about Dora thee.. *gets interrupted again*

Seychelles: a-am going to tell Spain! *points to Antarctica*

Antarctica: oh told you, that's Dora!

Seychelles: b*tch! *runs*

Antarctica: whore! *tries to grab Seychelles but fails*


Antarctica: B-Boots almost got her pregnant but realized... he was a girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Admin: monkey molester

Seychelles: hahaha

Antarctica: oh monkey molester! *epic hand clap*

Canada+Alaska: *still laughing*

Antarctica: *walks up Germany, Italy, Japan arm spread out* Dora's a monkey molester!

Seychelles: 1 time only 1 time! *laughing and pointing at Antarctica*

Antarctica: one time only equals 10 times and you know it!!

Norway+Denmark+Iceland: *fall to the ground laughing*

Antarctica: Seriously!

Hungary: *somewhere in the crowd* so Boots is gay!

Andorra+Florida: VHERE IS GERMANY?... we agree with Hungary

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