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Admin+Red+Jenna: *watching tv*

Jenna: so what was up with those naked babies

Red: oh those things with a white body then their heads are on them?

Jenna: yeah they're naked babies what is up with that?

Red: they ore not naked though?

Jenna: they don't have clothes *puts hands together* they're like white naked babies with weird head thingy

Red: I smell tuna

Admin: *holding a bowl full of regular tuna(yes I drained it)

Red: what are you doing? Aren't you suppose to make a sandwich with it?

Jenna: that's her she's a cat

Admin: what it tastes good

Red: Ashley seriously man come on that's what bread is made for

Jenna: *smells Admin hair* did it get on you

Admin: yeah and the floor but I'll have Prussia clean it later

Red: oh my gosh Ashley really man

Admin: wanna try some?

Red: no

Jenna: I'm good

Admin: suit yourselfs you don't know what your missing *continues eating*

Jenna: *gets some bread* I like bread it's good for the soul~~~ *numbles on bread*

Red: alright I'm getting a poptart

Jenna+admin+Red: *counties eating and being derps* fooooooood~~~~~~~~~

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