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Hetalia Announcer Voice: welcome to Slovenia's past. Well Slovenia was discovered by the Illyrian and Celtic People, Also she did become one with the roman empire in the first century B.C XD why did I say that.

Admin: e.e i feel really lazy so ok i'll tell tou then i'll write crack at a certain cuz, yeah i'm just that awesome

Hetalia: how about we just say the whole thing?


Hetalia Announcer: Slovenia and her South Slavic group settled in the region in the 6th century A.D. Slavs established the state of Samu, which owed its allegiance avars, who dominated the gender confused Hungarian until Charlemagne and France defeated them in the late 8th Century. *points to screen* here watch this~

Slovenia: *laying on the ground, battered and brusied*

France: Honhonhonhon~ told you *flips Hair* your cap-..

Slovenia: f*ck you *hack* and your hair

Hungary: XD

Charlemagne: what?

Slovenia: *hack*

France: you're mine now

Hungary: *hits him* nope mine


ciela: Thats why Slovenia forgave Hungary cuz, saved her from France because Hungary noticed a resembled to the lazy Austrian boy. After while they both became friends thats also how Slovenia knew Prussia and now HA go!

Hetalia Annoucer: when the Hungary{Slovenia helped} defeated Turkey in 1526, Hungary Accepted the Austrian Hapsburg rule in order to escape Turkey's domination; The Hapshurg Monarchy was first to include Slovenia, much to her disgust. Thus, Slovenia and a mysterious bold haired Croatian boy whom was once a roman province of Pannonia. xD

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