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~Aisle 5~

Romano: why-a in the-a hell are we-a in the-a stuffed toy-a aisle?

Honduras: remember you ripped by stuffed animal turtle?

Romano: so what-a belle

Honduras: stop complaining *looking at web kits stuffed turtles* they're so cute

Romano: *sees fan girl* chigi chigi chigi!

Honduras: what is it? *turns around*

Romano: *pulls Honduras into a sweet kiss*

Fangirl1: I though I saw him go this way?

Honduras: *uses hand to hold Romano curl down*

Fangirl: *looks at them kissing* well no curl no Romano

Fangirl2: how could you lose him....

Romano: *keeps Lip locking with Honduras* *arms around her waist*

Spain: k-i-s-s-i-n-g first comes love second come marriage-

Romano: *stops kissing Honduras* *face red like a tomato* YOU-A IDOITA YOU BATARD

Honduras: *walks away face red*

Romano: WAIT FOR-A ME *grabs Honduras's hand and walks away with her*

Ciela: ROMADURAS BIOTHES *flys away on magical pancake peagus* FREEDOM

A/N: sorry this really isn't a shopping chapter but it's about TURLTES!!!!!!!

Ciela: turtles

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