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Russian's at walmart

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Hetalia Announcer voice: this is what happens when the nations go to Walmart

Russia+Siberia+Moscow: *walking around*

Siberia: *looks at list* hmm 1. Drain pipe 2. fan 3. Vodka 4.More Borscht 5.new rolling pin 6.Knife sharpener and 7. new Computer Keyboard.*looks at Moscow.*

Russia+Moscow: *somehow climbs into vodka fridge* VODKA


Russia+Moscow: *licking the vodka bottles passionately* marry me

Siberia: e.e I can't believe this shit *arms crossed and clearly annoyed* *basically has Belarus on a collar and leash*

Belarus: sometimes brother is weird.... Where did I go wrong with you?

China: I raised her and Belarus and me trained her alongside then learned manners and kindness from me, Baltic's and Russia with Ukraine Aru~

Ukraine: *crying* BIG BROTHER

Siberia: *ties Belarus to a aisle pillar*

Announcer: Cleanup in isle 3 and bring American butter we have Russians stuck in the vodka fridge bring a lot of It

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