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A/N: I didn't writing any nor did I come up with the idea all credit goes to my bff Jenna


Iggy: guess what mom

Salina :what

Iggy: shut up I'm talking

Salina: fine bitch

Iggy: I'm going to have sex for the first time

Salina: WITH HOW

Iggy :Lamar

Salina: ok don't forget to we're a condom

Iggy:s hut up bitch you need to stop babying me

Lamar: *walks up all sexy like* ready babe for penetraction all night

Iggy: ya and your we wearing the condom

Lamar: we will see about that *walks to Lamar's house gets in bed waits for Iggy striking a confident pose*

Iggy: I'm naked now what do I do

Lamar: get out here and fuck me bitch

Iggy: *walks out gets in bed starts making out*

~after awhile~

Iggy: Lamar: ow ya harder

~3 hours later~

Iggy: *gets up *ok take off your condom and throw it away*

Lamar: I thought you wore it


Week later

Iggy: *takes pregnancy test* oh shit *calls Lamar*

Lamar: what

Iggy: I'm pregnant you prick ass hole

Lamar: *runs away to Mexico*

2 years later two kids and married to Aston moon

Iggy: *finds Lamar* lets go for a walk

Lamar: ok

News reporter: a man named Lamar was killed and dump in a dumpster how would of done this

Iggy: *smiles* i don't know :)

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