Hetalia Sarcasm time

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America: you'd be surprised how people get the words "f*ck off" with "please continue*

Belgium: well! I checked my calendar, and i wont give a f*ck next monday either

Canada: It's not that diabetes, heart disease and obesity run in tour family. It's just no one in your family runs

China: i wasn't always this sarcastic, aru. It took me many years of dealing with assholes{like America} to become this good at it.

Denmark: Sorry Honey, sarcasm falls out of my mouth, just like stupid falls from yours

England: i would slap france, but i dont want to get slut on my hand.

Germany: if Jou dont vant a sarcastic answer, zhen dont ask a stupid question *looks at Italy*

Hungary: i use excessive sarcasm around Romania because punching him in his f*cking mouth is frown upon by Prussia.
^its ture^

Honduras: and Admin too!. I speak 3 languages English, Profanity and sarcasm so, take your pick.

Admin: if you dont like my sense of humor please tell me... So i can laugh at you. xD

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