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hetalia announcer voice: long when Siberia was a child Mongolia would kidnap her seeing she'd walk on his land on accident or was alone without protection then Russia and China would get really pissed about it and shit hit the fan

Russia: da?

China: you don't deserve to raise Siberia Aru

Russia: where is she anyway?

China: you lost her?!?!

Russia: she's right here *sees that white figure thing like when someone disappears*

China+Russia: *run to the Mongolian boarder* CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP

Siberia: *kicking and screaming* LET ME GO I WASNT EVEN FULLY ON YOUR LAND

Mongolia: no your my trophy *in a 10feet tree holding Siberia*


Mongolia: stop squirming or I'm dropping you

Siberia: *looks down* don't you dare shit stain *clinging to Mongolia cuz scared shitless of heights*

Russia: Mongolia?!

China: WTF MONGOLIA?!?!?!

Siberia: ;/\; *tearing up* b-brother Russia big brother China HELP

Russia: *evil aura* kolkolkolkolkol~ *has metal Pipe*

China: *has whatever weapon he uses out*

Mongolia: why would I do that?

Russia: come down and I'll show you

Mongolia: -.- I rather not

China: release her now

Siberia: no no no no I don't want to die ;/\;

Mongolia: *drops Siberia* I'll be back when's she's old enough to be wed

Siberia: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *screams at the top of lungs while falling*

Russia: *catches Siberia* next time don't go wandering off

China *throws weapon at Mongolia* YOU DICK

Mongolia: *disappears* till next time

Siberia: ain't gunna be a next time

China: no more disappearing acts Siberia

Russia: *carrying Siberia* no more going near his boarder

Siberia: da I understand

Hetalia announcer voice: well after that Siberia never went on Mongolia's boarder well at lest not alone

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