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A/N: Greenland has homework and the country she choose was Russia and she has to represent history, language, cutlure, art, movement, location. And his homework is music, and notes. This is how un focused they get...


Iceland+Greenland: *working on homework* *sitting facing each other on the floor*

Iceland: *working on music homework* Greenland how are my circles *hands Greenland music homework*

Greenland: *takes paper* what is this shiz Russian I don't understand this!

Iceland: really?, what about my circle you care about them?

Greenland: does it look like I care about your circles

Iceland: yup

Greenland: no

Iceland: your head kinda looks like the circles i draw

Greenland: *flips page* I wanna be sexy

Iceland: my circles are sexy~

Greenland: draw a circle that's the earth~

Norway: *peeks in* Greenland stop messing around homework now

Greenland: Cold War *writes it down* that represents history but, how?

Iceland: death

Greenland: how, what item represents death?

Iceland: because it died

Denmark: if I'm correct wasn't there a guy who-

Greenland: General Winter

Iceland: General *starts chuckling* General winter general snow balls general balls general D*ckhead

Greenland: shut up I know general winter, he's a scary general who invaded Russia long.. *starts laughing at relation of sentence*

Iceland: weirdo

Greenland: *sings with tune of Italy's song sung to germany* I don't know what represents region... Don't think putting a metal pipe would count

Iceland: Dead Boys Deserve Fudge Always *squeaky voice* or was it Deaf Boys Deserve Fudge Always *deepens voice and writes it down*

Greenland: *starts laughing*

Iceland: na~

Greenland: WDFA own it on tvt

Iceland: what does that even mean?

Greenland: gbafa~

Iceland: gbafa somebody call 911 cuz girls on the dance floor jiggle jiggle five jiggle jiggle

Greenland: Ukriane

Iceland: totally her theme song

Greenland: awesome

Iceland: will you finish my homework? Do you understand this?

Greenland: *puts hands on Iceland's thighs and looks down at paper*

Iceland: you do understands this r-right?

Greenland: *looks up at iceland* all I see is circles and letters

Iceland+Greenland: *laugh a little*

Iceland: -/////- you have to match the letters with circles

Greenland: *sings* a b c- *starts writing it down*

Iceland: *laughs*

Greenland: *trying hard not to laugh* what is this crap! *throws pencil into the air and it breakes*

Iceland: *still laughing*

Greenland: it's like learning Russian

Iceland: *chuckles* it's not its English

Iceland: I'll show you

Greenland: *sits in between Iceland legs*

Iceland: -/////- *points to b* see it's a B, B see it's a B

Greenland: *stifling a laugh* it's a circle

Iceland: it's an A

Greenland: batman

Iceland: XD

Greenland: that's a GTF

Iceland+Greenland: F

Greenland+Iceland: hehe

Iceland: you get it now match them up

Greenland: omg that's super hard

Sweden: do your homework

Iceland: ok

Greenland: *hands Iceland her homework*

Iceland: *stares at it will a confused look* what? How? Descripe?

Greenland: that's what I thought *hands Iceland his*

Iceland: god job

Greenland: what did I spell

Iceland: you didn't spell anything... Darf fak bar

Greenland: A B C D E F G kiss my butt I must go pee~

Iceland: so your visiting a country what you gonnna bring

Greenland: you of course and let's not forget yaoi

Iceland: hahaha *lays on back*

Greenland: *lays on his chest*

Iceland: e///e w-what are you doing?

Greenland: getting cozy, why?

Iceland: -///////- n-no reason

Greenland+Iceland: *end up falling asleep in same position*

Sealand: aww

Finland: *takes pics* this goes on the wall

Denmark: whys there a hole in the wall over there?

~next day at Gakuen Academy their homework wasn't done and now they're in detention~

Greenland+Iceland: *sitting at table*

Alaska: what are you guys in here for?

Greenland: didn't do the homework... Ok we work a little on it but fell asleep

Iceland: Alaska what happened to you?

Alaska: *points to America* he happened

Iceland: oh

Siberia: privet, didn't expect you guys here

Greenland: sleeping?

Siberia: da

Honduras: I'm in here too

Romano: *sitting with arms crossed* idiota Georgia

Germany: stop talking

Slovakia: Germany you bad?

Germany: nien I'm zhe supervisor

Antarctica: *shooting spit balls at Germany's face* (p.s it's german) Sie nur gelee Von zhe awesomeness Von mir die sprache mädchen

Germany: vhy would I be jelly?

Georgia: Romano we wouldn't be here of it wasn't for you!

Honduras: it's both of your faults I'm here cuz you accidentally hit me in the face and I hit you back

Germany: BE QUIET NOW!! *throws book at Antarctica's face*

Antarctica: *dodges* haha

Prussia: *gets hit* vhat ze fudge vest?!?!?! I ZHOUGHT VE WERE BROZHERS

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