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Hetalia narrator voice: it's 12: 30am Mexico had been visiting America or basically scaring him shitless for the hell of it... Ya their in pj's

Fem!Mexico: America?

America: what?

Fem!Mexico: Japan told me to have you play it

America: sweet what is it?

Fem!Mexico: oh a adventure game

America: can we play it

Fem!Mexico: totally

America: *collects 1 page* this is boring

Fem!Mexico: just play it please

America: what are you testing my puzzle skills?

Fem!Mexico : I would never amigo *sarcasm*

America: of course you wouldn't ( what does Canada have that I don't? ):< )

Fem!Mexico: you're doing great

America: *gets 2 pages*

~Screen starts static~

America: what's that?!

Fem!Mexico: nothing just keep going

~Slenderman pops up~

America: *scared shitless* HOLY FUCKING SHIT ITS GUNNA KILL ME *falls back out of chair*

Fem!Mexico: 😂 *laughing her ass off* I GOT YOU I TOTALLY GOT YOU!!!

America: not cool!! *quaking*

Fem!Mexico yes it was

Hetalia narrator voice: 3:50Am Meixco got to lazy so didn't feel like driving home so ya she stayed at America and this is what happened.

Fem!Mexico: *sleeping peacefully and dreaming about Taco's*

America: *peeks in* Mexi you sleeping?

Fem!Mexico: *turns away*

America: *gets in the bed* she shouldn't mind

Fem!Mexico: *feels bed sink in* El Salvador it was just Hon again

America: sorry dudette i'm not El salva whatever

Fem!Mexico: 0_0 A-America?!

America: ya?

Fem!Mexico: WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!

America: I heard something in the living room

Fem!Mexico: *kicks America out of the bed* YOU SLEEP ON THE FLOOR

America: ;/\; b-but

Fem!Mexico: *tosses blanket* now stahpppppp talking and go to sleep so i can dream about tacobell

America: *hiding under blankets rocking back and forth* it's alright i'm the hero after all

Fem!Mexico: *sighs* Alfred only for tonight

America: really? *crawls onto bed*

Fem!Mexico: yeah, just get my 1,0000000000000000 taco's tomorrow

America: sure *goes to sleep*

Fem!Mexico: you better *goes to sleep and dreams about tacobell*

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