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2P!Siberia Dare you to learn the salsa From 2p!Spain(If he does teach you) @Chibi_Moscow_Da@

2p!Siberia: *eating a tub of ice cream*

2p!Alaska: -reads dare-

2p!Russia: *trying hard not to be fazed*

2p!Barbados: 2p!Spain~

2p!Spain: what?

2p!Alaska: you have to teach 2p!Siberia to salsa

2p!Spain: *looks at 2p!Siberia* that thing?

2p!Barbados: she's not half bad 2p!Russia likes her

2p!Spain: *grabs 2p!Siberia by the wrist and walks away with 2p!Siberia* this is going to take some work...

2p!Siberia: um.. at least I can Russian dance

2p!Spain: doesn't mean shit

~hour later~

2p!Spain: *grabs 2p!Siberia by one hand and the other around her waist* 2p!Russia better not hurt me after this

2p!Siberia: *magically wearing a salsa dress* he won't... Well I don't think so at least

2p!Romano: *bursts in* 2P!SPAIN I GOT YOU A-....

2p!Siberia: Privet Lovino

2p!Spain: focus *starts music*

2p!Siberia: *starts dancing*

2p!Spain+2p!Siberia: *professional dancing*

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