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A/N: Red(code name) is my friend in real life and on here so she'll be in this through my stories and Paris_Love_Bonnefoy


Admin: *making dolphin noises*

Jenna: e.e


Admin: *starts flopping on the floor* OH MEH GLOMP AND STARS

Tiger(Ciela's cat): *eyes wide open just wathcing*

Admin: *holding iPad close to chest* *rolling around on floor with tears of total joy*

England: *trips over admin* what the bloody-...

America: yo dudes.... England did you feed her a scone again?

England: no

France: *just sitting*

Austria: mdjdijndhdjddndjdjfnfjonsbsgsyakebssiaishbsh *rolling on the floor next to Admin* khgiyjfujfuyyjfjyfjdgxzzdgsahsthtfhdmmmmmhgfxfMd dbsodndnfkf mucimsmsjsmsm JUST DANCE 4 SUCKERS

Germany: vhat in ze heck

Italy: *dancing like ballerina* you-a said I-a couldn't be-a warrior so-a became a-a Ballerina instead-a

Slovenia: I see nozhing vrong vith zhis

Slovakia: isn't he fab Poland?

Poland: like tots

Admin: *talking fast* thankyoueveryoneyoursoawesomelikefabpolandmaythepowerofludwigbewithyoueveryStepofthewaybecausevodkacanmakeyoysoresohighjustwhenfirststartingoutineverinmyDreamsdidithinkthiscouldhappenjustthanksyouforallthereadsandvoteeverything!!!!! *goes back to flailing and throwing pancakes and Yaoi everywhere*


Hungary+Japan: *scrambling to catch it all*

Canada: *singing* it's raining pancakes halal *running around*

Red: calm down man

Admin: *looks over to red creepily* calm do you say, da?


Paris_Love_Bonnefoy: Ashley singing chapter, remember

Admin: I've got this~ *continues to throw pancakes*

Red: that's a no isn't it?

Admin: Shhh~ I'm working on it~

Honduras: that sounds like-..... *starts remembering what happened last chapter*

-\\\\\\- n-nevermind

Sardinia: mama blushing-a :D

Switzerland: are Admin is weird

Malaysia: yup

Singapore: you said it

Japan: rearry I hadn't noticed

Ciela: *starts hovering* I HAVE THE POWER *makes chocolate rain for the sky*

Romano: e.e tomato's are-a better

Prussia: keseseses~ I have a video Romano jou can't say it didn't happen

Spain: I do too!

Honduras: *flips off Spain* you bastard

Antarctica: oh Ashley I mean Ciela had homework about maps and shiz like that

Romano: chigi chigi chigi *kicks wall*

Hungary: *hits Prussia with a frying pan* give zhoses back

Prussia: fine fine fine *throws them on floor*

Spain: you ok amigo(friend)?

Prussia: ja

Ciela: *flying around making it rain chocolate poptarts*

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