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Prussia: *beaks through Hungary's window* ZE AWESOME ME IS HERE-

Hungary: *sleeping on the couch*

Prussia: *pokes Hungary's forehead* wake ze hell up me ze awesome Prussia is here

Hungary: *grumbles* go away

Prussia: vell get up

Hungary: *grumbles* am sleeping

Prussia: I don't care vake up

Hungary: noooo

Prussia: I vill pour ice vater on jou ^^

Hungary: *grabs Prussia by the collar* *whining* nooo am tired

Prussia: -.- I don't care..... *leaves to get ice water and returns with a bucket of it*get up or I vill pour zhe ice vater on jou

Hungary: *falls on Prussia* am going back to- *water falls on Prussia and myself*

Prussia: (I'm fine vith zhis)

Hungary: *shivering* c-cold

Prussia: Jou don't say -.- *smartass time*

Hungary: w-wtf *still shivering cold*

Prussia: *picks up and sits on the couch and her on his lap wrapping her in a blanket* zhat is vhy I next time vont ask Maine for ice vater keseseses.

Hungary: *cuddles up to Prussia cuz ya fvcking cold*

Prussia+Hungary: *ends up falling asleep*

Prussia: *mumbles in sleep* mine, touch and jour dead

Ciela: *secretly&quietly takes photos*

UsukorFruk: *secretly&quietly taking photo's*

Florida: *somehow here taking photos and noesbleeding*

Prussia: *shifts to where he's laying on the couch with Hungary on his chest* Mein touch and jour vill die by a sword to zhe face.

Hungary: *snuggles closer* *mumbling* so cute

Prussia: keseseses *snoring*

Andorra:*walks in* shut zhe he'll up and vhy is ice vater everywhere and vhy-*takes pictures and leaves to japans*

Prussia+Hungary: *still sleeping peacefully*

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