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Following WW2, the humans started blaming the nations for the worst wars in history, and as such the nations were discriminated against. England, along with all the other magic wielding nations(OCs included like Alaska, Barbados,Greenland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and strongest out of all OC's Siberia) casts a powerful spell, world-wide memory-erasing spell, erasing all trace of their existences the world over, even in historical documents, scriptures and texts. Their existence is only revealed to their bosses, the people who work in their house and whoever they deem trustworthy enough to tell, all whom take an oath to never reveal their existence for fear of horrible consequences. (Magic wielding nations: no commet)

as an Albino, Gilbert doesn't have the best eye sight. When living with Russia durning The Cold War Siberia always made Prussia take daily eye test to make sure his sight wasn't getting any worse. (Russia: Siberia was like his personal doctor)

when Kids If Romano was spotted by France and Honduras was around she'd stand in front of France so his attention would be on her not Romano so he could escape... Romano always came back with Spain to get her moments later. (Romano: e.e France is-a idiota)

When Honduras and Romano we're kids they'd nap together you'd see they'd be holding hands, to this day they he still does it and by he I mean Romano would pretend to sleep and wait till Honduras nods off first then hold his hand with hers and fall asleep. Spain has caught them and taken pictures. (Spain: it was adorable how could I resist and I have their old Halloween pictures two *holds up pics*

America loves to sing, but will only let France listen to him because everyone else already assumed he's bad while France will simply listen and smile.

After the Communism... Russia didn't know what to do which frighten Siberia. For Siberia's sake Russia sucked up his pride and asked America for help. America just laughed.

• Uncle Sam is actually America.

• Siberia hates being called commie bastard it bring the memory's of people being sent to her to die. Sometimes when called that Siberia will get depressed. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, and Moscow(Paris_Love_Bonnefoy) know this all to well and have witnessed this. Usually when it happens they try to make her feel better. (Belarus: she sad big brother sad she happy big brother happy)

Sardinia can sometimes has a aura like Italy. (Liechtenstein: big bruther likes her a lot)

Siberia-cat is a short haired black shecat with a white muzzle, white paws and white at the end of her tail, black pads, might blue eyes, white belly. Alaska-cat is a short haired, white shecat with a black patch around her right eye, black tip tail. Antarctica-cat is shecat which bread is a calico cat.

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