April fools on the girls of hetalia

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Prussia: *hiding behind a bush with France and America* keseseses~

France: are the vents ready?

America: oh yup but... still I don't think Siberia will fall for this or her sisters =_=

France: aren't they all coming in towels?

Prussia: If zhey don't I'll just have Gilbird...

France: I'll have Pierre take zhem

America: so if they show up in towel, well press the button which blows the towels off with ice cold air then well send then to all the boys and listen we have to send the Siberia pic to China and Russia only

Prussia: ummm... Siberia and Alaska also Antarctica have adapted to the cold =_= or did you forget that? (Frugo Hungary's probably going to kill me and Siberia just going to go all out Russia after this... we're officially screwed)

America: oh ya but they'll still react to they're towels being blown off... Prussia the pic of Hungary is only going to you ;)

Prussia: 0////0 really?!

France: well of course ;)... oh here they come

Siberia: *walks up with a towel around herself*

Hungary, Antarctica, Alaska, Seychelles, Belgium, Vietnam, Taiwan, Monaco, Wy, Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Belarus: *following*

Alaska: *puts Bobbie pin to holdup towel* this is going to be fun right Liechtenstein :) *hands Liechtenstein Bobbie pin*

Liechtenstein: *uses bobbie pin* yup

Hungary: this is going to be relaxing :)

Seychelles: finally away from that pervert France :)

Monaco: piece and quiet :)

Siberia: finally away from all those boys :)

Antarctica: boys are so annoying...

France: NOW!!!!!! *presses button*

- all towels fly up -

Prussia: *quickly takes pics*

Hungary: PRUSSIA?!?!?!

Siberia: КАКОГО УЕРТА!!!!!! (what the hell)

Hungary: MI Á FENE (what the heck)


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