Grammar With Romano

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A/N: if Romano was my and my friends Grammar teacher


Mr. Romano: ok idiota's we-a are learning-a f*cking grammer-a

Maya: yep

Mr. Romano: everyone shut-a up first-a is

they're = they-a f*cking are-a

Their = shows-a f*cking possession-a

There = Specifies-a a f*cking-a location

Admin: like your Rome goes up in Mrs. Honduras's Tegucigalpa?

Mr. Romano: E

Admin: •/\•

Maya: no Admin just no France mod today

Mr. Romano: now onto-a the lesson-a

You're = you-a f*cking are-a

Your = shows-a f*cking possession-a

We're = we-a f*cking are-a

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