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Admin: Canada I praise you

Canada: really?

Admin: *bows down* I can't sleep people upstairs are having sex and you can hear the bed bounce could you please make them stop I have school tomorrow

Canada: I'm sry if I could I would but sadly I can't

Admin: b-b-but why~?

Canada: logic

Admin: screw logic it's over rated anyways

Canada: they're doing it again?

Admin: I'm surprised the bed hasn't fallen through the ceiling it loud enough to were I
can hear it from my room

Canada: sounds like that would sucks monkey balls

Admin: thank you for making, smarties, Nutella, and having Avril Lavinge

Canada: I know I'm just that swag

Admin: hahaha

Canada: what's so funny?

Admin: that stands for secretly we are gay

Canada: then f*ck me in the ass and call me Irish

Admin: you've been saying that a lot in meeting havent you

Canada: JB gots swag that's why Selena still dates him

Admin: so she's gay too?

Canada: correct

admin: awesomeness happens here in Hetalia just like Germany and Italy are swag's like pros

Canada: wonder what swagfags are?

Admin: anyone who can help on what swagfags mean you'll get a shoutout and maybe if you'd like you can be mentioned in my book


America: *eats some smarties* *becomes super smart*

Everyone: o-o

America: *talking a smart person with correct grammer* hello my dearest allies, what is wrong you don't seem well, want some water anyone?

England: spoken like a true gentlemen

America: you must be sleepy admin, here have some warm milk *hands Admin warm milk*

Admin: ok *drinks it*

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