You broke him

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{attack on Hetalia}

Germany: *picks up Prussia by the collor* If jou vant to be Titan feed Gilbert i vont stop you!!!! But jou dont just endanger zhe life of jou're comrades cuz jou're "awesome"

Prussia: kesesese~ titans dont defecate bro-a$$!

Germnay: *realization face*

Prussia: zhey dont even have digestive organs, brozher

Germany: *drops Prussia* ...

Prussia: ack! zhe PAINNNN

Singapore+Malaysia: *facepalm*

Germany: *falls to his knees*

Prussia: zesesesesese~

Germany: *falls to the ground face first into grass and just lays there*

Fem!Italy: d-dostiu?!

Prussia: dont vorry, Italia i just broke him

Fem!Italy: y-you broke him-a?

Japan: it happens sometimes

Singapore: just leave him there

Germany: *muffed screaming*

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