Syrup Time

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my Friend Jenna wrote this completely not me


America: come on dude it'll be fun

France: can I explore Florida after mon cheir

America :*sigh*fine

France: so what dare is it

America: I take a syrup boatel poor syrup down your through till you choke and die :)

France: that seems a little crazy but I still get your virginty in the end

America: yes after you die

France: wait what?!

America: *takes bottle and starts pouring it down France throat*to late now hahahah

France: *starts choking *stoogluup uhhhh chogolooe

America: AHAHAH finely your rapping days are over die die

France: *lying on ground choking*

America: ahahahaha I win I'm a hero

France *dead with syrup dripping down his moath* *eyes lifeless*

America: *calls everyone * France is dead I killed him let's through a party dudes

Everyone expect Barbados: *comes over and starts partying*

Barbados: *drives bye and yells* YOU KILLED BY BOE YOU WILL PAY* starts shooting everyone except ocs*

~everyone fricking died*

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