How To Annoy Russia

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1. Tell him Belarus is coming

2. Insult Siberia

3. Take his pipe

4. Say no to becoming one with him

5. Tell him something rude about his sisters

6. Rob his vodka

7. Call Siberia a commie bastard in front of him than watch her get depressed and blame America even though he saw you

8. Act like Belarus

9. Talk like Belarus

10. Tell him Siberia prefers China better

12. Flirt with Siberia in front of him and when he starts doing "kolkolkolkolkol" look him directly in the eye and say "dude I'm too busy flirting with ur girl"

15. Read RoCho(sry if miss spelled)

16. Say your dating his sisters

17. Drink all his vodka

20. When Russia asks you to become on with you say "sorry I'm not become one with you, your becoming one with me"

21. Walk behind him saying marry marry me big brother

22. Wake him up too early and when he wakes up ask "why are you snuggling her?" then we he looks where your pointing you'll see his face go total red.

23. Get Siberia drunk off his favorite vodka


A/N: sry of bad I'm not good with this type of shiz so I might do a how to annoy me~

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