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A/N: this is what happens when all the Latin countries watch it and sry if any of these are someone's OC's but I'm not stealing them cuz yeah so whom ever the Latin's beside my Honduras, Costa Rica{boy with black hair and olive skin}


Latin's: *sitting on the couch or some on the floor in pjs*

*nations on the floor have pillows blankets*

Honduras: Argentina pass the popcorn

Argentina: why?

Honduras: e.e remember last you had popcorn

Mexico: just pass her the POPCORN WOMAN!!!

Colombia: hey I want some!

Venezuela: me too!

Chile: what about me!!! *rips popcorn out of Argentina's hands* mine

Everyone beside Argentina: if you eat that we'll send you to Germany for seven weeks.

Ecuador: gosh I'm I the only mature-...

Chile: *throws popcorn at Ecuador* you're such a stink in the mud

TV: And Argentina wins!

Aregntina: *magically throwing packs of popcorn at everyone* TOLD YOU GUYS I WOULD BEAT YOU ALL!!! *jumping around, failing and rubbing it in everyone's face*

Bolivia: hey I wanted to eat that!! Haiti(not mine belongs to Hetalia_Romano17) Argentina's being mean to me!!!!

Haiti: honhonhon~ why dont you eat me *wink wink*

Honduras: omg people really come on man, we have to be civilized

Costa Rica: yeah can't we watch one thing without going overbourd

Chile: Honduras shut it you didn't even qualify for it!

Honduras: i tried

Argentina: *takes popcorn bowl from chile and dumps it on Honduras* EAT IT!!

Colombia: Argentina go make more!!

Honduras: um... I'm just going to get changes out here *starts to pull up shirt halfway*

Colombia: *pulls Honduras's shirt down* HONDURAS THE'RE BOYS HERE

Argentina: I could do that, but on the other hand you could

Mexico: Argentina seriously, go make more

Argentina: seriously dude I'm not doing it, after all you did hear tv, it said I won

Everyone else but Argentina: *groans and leaves*

Argentina: oh come on now amigo's don't be like that, who's picking this up? *leaves*

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