Headcanons 2

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A/N: most of these are off IFunny but the OC's are me but some are twiked or some are made by me


• When Honduras sleeps she shifts, drools, and last but not lest... Snores like the devil incarnate

• Hungary sings like Ariana Grande

• when Alaska sleeps she snores and hides under the covers

• Antarctica when sleeping spreads out and snores

• when Siberia was little was terrified of bee and if saw one she'd run into Russia's room and cry or if durning the night and there was a bee she'd run into Lithuania's room and sleep there but after growing up starting fearing them less but still like sleeping in Russia's bed sometimes which Russia doesn't refuse.(Ciela: they're evil bees)

• Hungary laughs and sleep-talks

• Sardinia always falls out of bed when sleeping

• Slovenia hums durning sleeping

• Malaysia isn't as shy as Singapore

• Greenland latches onto thing/people when sleeping or taking a nap

• durning the government shut down all nations were in comas until it was resolved expect Sealand. While everyone was in a coma Sealand drew on their faces.

• every nation has tried to kill themselves at lest once.

• America would totally skip out on meeting in the White House to go hang with the middle schoolers and high schoolers who are touring Washington B.C.

• all nations can summon their national animals

• while America and Canada were growing up, he could always see his brother Canada.

• Honduras love Avril Lavigne so Romano or Georgia(belongs to Paris_Love_Bonnefoy) take Honduras to the Avril Lavigne concert.

• Siberia loves P!nk, Avril Lavigne, Ke$ha so Russia and her got to those concerts.

• Honduras sings like Avril Lavigne

• Malaysia&Singapore love pop and listen to it a lot

• Antarctica sings close to P!nk

• the only person to hear Hungary would have Prussia so she really sing in front of him

• Slovenia tried teach Germany to sing bubblegum bitch

• Honduras love to ride bulls and fight bulls

• after Denmark gave Norway to Sweden, that's when Norway's eyes went emotionless because he didn't want to show them the real emotion he had, the sadness he felt inside

• when Alaska was a kid and visited Canada, America and Canada would trade places to fool her... Never works

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