Dark Italy

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Admin: hi Italy

Italy: *drops knife*

Admin: what do you have there

Italy: oh this it's a knife that goes 7feet straight up your ass if you don't leave me the fuck alone :)

Admin: 0_0

Italy: :)

Admin: *runs crying to Germany*

Germany: what is it?

Admin: it's Italy he's he's... Just look yourself

Germany: *walks over to Italy* hello

Italy: hello Germany *stops throwing knifes at the wall*

Germany: 0_0

Italy: :) so what is it you needed

Admin: 0_o umm... Are you on crack?

Italy: nooo *sniffles some more crack*

Germany: *goes and calls Romano*

Romano: *picks up phone* what the hell do you want bastardo?

Germany: Italy got high as a kit

Italy: *starts rapping the couch*


Italy: fuck you bitch I'll hump it if I want to ):(

Germany: Romano Italy's humping the couch

Romano: *hangs up phone*

5 seconds later

Italy got naked and started running around the house while Germany and admin hid in the corner.

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